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Friday, February 22, 2008

FISA- Congressional Incompetence Costs The U.S. Crticial Information to Protect America

The Democratically controlled Senate and House passed a rushed FISA bill, last August, so they could go on vacation and set it to sunset on February 1, 2008. In the six months they had to get something done, the incompetent fools didn't do a thing and waiting until the last minute, yet again, forcing them to pass an extension until February 15, 2008.

That date came and passed with the Senate passing a bipartisan bill, with the help of 19 Democratic Senators to protect the U.S., but the Congress failed in their jobs to pass anything, and the information gathering abilities of our administration have been halted in certain areas.

“We have lost intelligence information this past week as a direct result of the uncertainty created by Congress’ failure to act,” says an underlined passage of a six-page letter signed by Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey and Director of National Intelligence J. Michael McConnell.


“Because of this uncertainty, some partners have reduced cooperation,” the administration letter says. “We are working to mitigate these problems. ... This uncertainty may well continue to cause us to miss information that we otherwise would be collecting.”

The six page letter can be found here, PDF file.

The letter written by McConnell and Mukasey makes it clear that the inability of Congress to pass the Senates bipartisan bill is "why the Nation is now more vulnerable to terrorist attack and other foreign threats."

At the beginning of the letter they also make it clear that Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-Texas), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is wrong with his public statements (he lied), they tell him "Your assertion that there is no harm in allowing the temporary authorities provided by the Protect America Act to expire without enacting the Senate's FISA reform bill is inaccurate and based on a number of misunderstandings concerning our intelligence capabilities."

Read the full thing.

The incompetence of Congress shows us undoubtedly why the Democratic politicians in Congress are incapable of doing their jobs and have no understanding about the threat to our country from terror groups.

Is it any wonder that Democrats have been known for ages to be weak on National Security?