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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Backlash against Berkeley continues: Assemblyman Guy Houston wants to deny Berkeley $3.3 million dollars of transportation bond money

[Update- Live updates and photos from the showdown in Berkeley with MOVE AMERICA FORWARD leading the way, all day updating, February 12, 2008]

I added this as an update on my Exclusive Interview with Melanie Morgan, Chairman of Move America Forward, but it deserves its own space.

As you might remember from the recent pieces (all on one page)I have done on Berkeley and their city council resolution calling our Marines "uninvited and unwelcome intruders", the backlash has been awesome against them.

Politicians proposing to strip federal funds, Move America Forward going to Berkeley to rally and hand deliver a petition against them on February 12, 2008,, The America Legion statements, Vets For freedom Statements, Businesses refusing to do business with Berkeley because of it and massive negative outpouring against Berkeley all leading to the council wanting to rescind their resolution.

Lets not forget the Code Pinkos antics.

Melanie just sent this email to me telling us of the latest backlash against Berkeley:



Assemblyman Guy Houston of Livermore is sponsoring a bill in the state legislature to strip Berkeley of STATE transportation funding in light of it's outrageous stand against the Marines.

Houston's office says the measure will deny Berkeley $3.3 million dollars of transportation bond money due to the fact the Council voted to give taxpayers dollars for a parking right-of-way to Code Pink.

Houston will join us at 7:35 a.m. Friday morning on Hottalk 560 KSFO to discuss this new measure.


(Note to Berkeley- This isn't going away)