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Saturday, November 10, 2007

National Day of Donations for Fred Thompson 21NOV07

I've been told that I'm the "official Fred man" for our site. I suppose that's because so far I'm the only one who writes for the site who has committed to a candidate. My reply was "I was officially for Fred before Fred was officially an candidate."


What can I say? I believe in the man. Not as the next Ronald Reagan. There will NEVER be another Ronald Reagan. Fred Thompson as President will make his OWN place in history that will be right UP there with Reagan. That's my opinion on it. And yes, to all you out there who want to call me a "neo-con," I find that term SO VERY laughable when tossed at me. Reagan was my commander in chief; I was a Reagan Republican even before I committed to BEING a Republican.

I hope to see a new generation spawned after next year: the Thompson Republicans (and I WILL expect credit for coining the term here, on this site...).

Hat tip to redneck hippie for this one:

Last night some Friends decided to pick a date for a National Day of Donation -- November 21, 2007.

OBJECTIVE: A pile of cash to push ad buys, and a special Thanksgiving present for what Fred is doing.

Give Until It (almost) Hurts. For 24 Hours, starting at 12:01 a.m., so that the donations officially track all through Wednesday, 11/21.

Post to any and all web pages supporting Fred.

Email to everyone you know everywhere -- SHOUT IT LOUD!

All donations need to be linked / submitted to the official donation page at There are widget (tools) available for "contribute."

The amount is up to you. Let's show what we can do.

Gloria Taylor started this off with a post over at Fred Files.

"My question to ya’ll is: If Ron Paul can raise the money he raised in 24 hours….why can’t we do the same for Fred? I am not good at web sites and I am highly computer illiterate... What can we do? Challenge everyone to donate $100.00 at one time at one site? Help me to help Fred."

Grant Lynn posted some tips for us illiterates:

"I’m told we all need to have as many of the contribution widgets {tools} put on bloggs, web pages where ever we can get them placed. I’m a ‘Baby Boomer’ and thus am, by heritage, somewhat computer illiterate. I am going to my sons [3 of 4 in computers/IT] for their help in helping me get some placed on the net. You can too.

The money quote from Grant:

"Above all we must remember WHY we are doing this. This effort is to give Senator Thompson the Thanksgiving Present he deserves. It’s not the money, it’s him seeing we appreciate the sacrifices he and his family are giving to do this. THAT’S the best Thanksgiving Present we can give him."

I agree.

UPDATE: To all the “Web” ideas…..the more “Links” to a website that has a “Contribute to Fred” widget, the better…… ANY website that is deemed “important” by way of “links” will get noticed!!!

UPDATE: BRFH 11-9-07

Lane sent out a mass e-mail from

Hi folks,

In the last few days there's been a push among Fred Heads to create our own "moneybomb" for Fred Thompson. We've now seen what the Paul Bots have been able to accomplish for a candidate who lacks the considerable support that our man Fred now has.

At some point in the next few days, we will be launching a new site
designed to raise a considerable amount of money for Fred this coming
November 21st. In order for this endeavor to succeed, we are going to need
the support of each and every one of the Fred Heads out there.

We've sat and watched the MSM and the "so called" talking heads knocking
Fred at every turn and trying to create a false premise in people's minds
that our only choice this year will be between a couple of Liberal

Here and now is our opportunity to push back and make a statement to the

On November 22, I know that all if us will be celebrating a "Thanks
Giving" Day, but not before celebrating a "Fred's Giving Day" on November

That choice is Fred Dalton Thompson.

I hope you'll join us. ;)


PS. Is there anyone out there that has experience with Javascript or
Flash, or MySQL, please contact me. :)

UPDATE BRFH: It has also been noted the following:

Comment by Grant Lynn (380)

We are also adding a new twist to this. In addition to contributing money we are also going to write Letters to the Editor [VolunteerHQ tab at Fred08] on that day and ‘match’ every dollar with a letter. We’re going to “One-up” the Paul campaign. I’m assured the web site can handle it.

Money AND opinion.

National Day of Fred Giving! November 21, 2007

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Don't mistake Southern Demeanor for lack of intelligence, ability, ambition, or ability to think. You'll be disappointed if you think we're all The Beverly Hillbillies down here...

Campaigning for Fred,

Once and Always, An American Fighting Man