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Monday, July 23, 2007

Nancy Pelosi vs Cindy Sheehan: UPDATED and Bumped

[MAJOR UPDATE] Sheehan got herself arrested again...LOL (Via memeorandum)

[Updates below]

Sooooooooo, Cindy Sheehan demands that Pelosi impeach President Bush or she is going to run against her. (Via memeorandum)

"Impeachment is not a fringe movement, it is mandated in our Constitution; Nancy Pelosi had no authority to take it off the table, " Sheehan told her group of orange-clad activists Monday. "If Nancy Pelosi doesn't do her constitutionally mandated job by midnight ... I will announce that I'm going to run against her."

Nancy Pelosi, once again, says NO.

Pelosi also reiterated Saturday that she would not engage in what would perhaps be the biggest confrontation possible with the White House -- seeking the impeachment of Bush over the Iraq war.

The speaker said she had "no hesitation" criticizing the president about his handling of the war, but said there were more important priorities for lawmakers -- such as health care and creating jobs -- than the divisive pursuit of impeachment.

"Look, it's hard enough for us to end the war. I don't know how we would be successful in impeaching the president," Pelosi said.

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Now, considering Congress holds the lowest approval ratings since in polling history at 14%, I have to wonder, how much worse of a job could Sheehan really do than Pelosi, who is more worried about investigations that have gotten them nowhere, resolutions that mean nothing and trying to force surrender upon our military AS THEY ARE SEEING PROGRESS?

Conyer's may be willing to humor Cindy the attention whore, but Pelosi knows that is the surest way to lose the whole 14% of those that still approve of them.


By the way Nancy Pelosi, many of agree with Don Surber here. We all hold YOU and your congress in contempt, so how about you get to doing your job and legislate and quit acting in the interest of terrorists around the world.

Hows THAT for an idea Ms. Pelosi?

There is a good and valid reason why your approval ratings are in a freefall, and that is because, we, the people, are sick and tired of your witch hunts and want you to do what you were actually mandated to do.... LEGISLATE.

Despite your lies, you were mandated to clean up Congress, Iraq was #4, so how about you stop lying through your teeth and do the job you were elected to do?

Legislate: exercise the function of legislation; make or enact laws.

Thats from and perhaps you need to learn the actual meaning of the word, since you obviously haven't retained that knowledge.

I have to point out The Jawa Report's comments here:

Pelosi sucks. Reid is a knuckledragging moron. Democrats are Stalinists. Go ahead, DemCong. Sue me.

Yeah, sue me too.

Jason Steck at The Moderate Voice says it well in terms of Sheehan:

Sheehan’s tireless invocation of the memory of her dead son who was killed in Iraq is increasingly insufficient as an all-purpose shield against criticism. The more she broadens the spread of her flame-thrower, the less her motive appears actually linked to the war that killed him and the more it appears linked to much baser projects, like self-promotion or just plain anti-Americanism.

The difference is, I see Pelosi's actions, more and more, every day, and JUST as Anti-American as Sheehan's.

We are a nation at war, whether you agree with why we are there or not, it doesn't change the fact that terrorists have been trying to kill us since well BEFORE 9/11 and Nancy's actions, her comments and her failure to do her job, tells me, that Sheehan cannot lose any more points in approval ratings as Nancy and crew have already lost since they took over.

There is ONLY 14% LEFT for heavens sake.

One more reason for those lower than low approval ratings is discussed in "Shame of the Senate".

Its not only Nancy, but Reid too that is costing them what little support they still have.

[Update] Politico has an interesting article which states:

The reality is that the coming Golden Gate Bridge Brawl is a pivotal proxy fight—similar to but bigger than the recent family squabble over the Fox debate—for a much bigger existential conflict within the Democratic Party between the D.C. establishment and the grassroots. Hanging in the balance is not just next year’s national election, but long-term control of the Democratic brand.

This conflict, which, unlike most recent intra-party dust-ups, is largely about tactics and tone, not issues and ideas, has been simmering ever since Howard Dean launched his campaign to take back the party in 2003. It was put on the back burner last year as Democrats united to win back both houses of Congress.

But eight months after that power-shifting election, the natives are beyond restless. Many progressive activists are incredulous at the inability of the congressional leadership to end the war, move big pieces of their agenda and (not least of all) defenestrate The Decider. Their frustration is starting to boil over.

QandO has some very good points about Sheehan also:

Sheehan, if nothing else, has shown us how the media can create a personality out of just about anyone. Given, Cindy Sheehan's son's death is not a laughing or joking matter, nor is her grief over it. However it is hard to claim she hasn't exploited his death as a means for her to push her agenda. And while that may have been acceptable when it seemed her aim was to end the war in which her son died, it has, since then, gone into areas well outside what anyone would nominally claim would be appropriate in that regard. One example of that point would be her visits in support of dictators and enemies of the US, such as Hugo Chavez.

In fact, what has happened to Sheehan is she has evolved from a grieving mother to an irritating activist with an obsession about George Bush. Because of her son and her grief most people were fairly willing to look past the growing obsession. At least for a while. Until, that is, it became more of a millstone rather than a boon in politically. That's part of why she feels ostracized and abandoned by the Democrats. She went from being a mother with the full metal jacket of "full moral authority" to a harpy screeching incessantly about impeachment and hanging out with dictators.

All good points. Exactly what does Sheehan stand for?

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