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Monday, July 30, 2007

Critics and commenters: 4 Simple Questions

I have noticed since my piece titled the Good News From Iraq, in which has become a series for this blog, that nothing brings out the anger of the far left liberals more than seeing any good news coming from Iraq.

So, here is a few questions for those people.

#1. We have often presented the challenges that face us in Iraq to succeed... when was the last time you found yourself able to acknowledge any of the progress in Iraq?

#2. We have often pointed out the mistakes of our administration in regards to Iraq, and other things... when was the last time you were capable of acknowledging what has been done right?

#3. We have often disagreed with certain points of the administrations policies, like the immigration reform as just one example... when was the last time you agreed with anything the admin has done or said, even when it was a wonderful idea?

#4. We have often acknowledged the bad news coming from Iraq... when was the last time YOU acknowledged the good news from Iraq without trying to belittle it, distort it or just ignored it completely?

I am going to leave it at these four simple questions for now because these represent the mindset that shows that Bush Derangement Syndrome far outweighs being able to see realities for "certain" individuals on the far left side of the aisle.

If anybody reading this cannot give an example to these four questions, then perhaps your blind hatred is the reason you cannot see what is happening with any clarity.

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming....