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Thursday, July 26, 2007

John Doe "Loophole"

We told you yesterday of a big win for those of us that have actively been reporting on the John Doe Amendment.

We were heard but in order to get the Democrats in the Senate to do something to protect us here in America, to protect the brave "John Does" that will stand up and report suspicious activities, the Republicans had to give in to a compromise, a loophole.

The Loophole, from The Washington Times/Fishwrap:

UPDATE 3:30 p.m.:
AllahPundit makes a sharp catch:
The new language requires that there be an "objectively reasonable suspicion" for the immunity to apply. That's the GOP's concession to the concerns of Bennie Thompson and the Democrats that people would use their "John Doe" immunity to go around making all sorts of paranoid claims. In essence, it leaves things in the hands of the jury: if a passenger is sued for making a report and the jury decides that their suspicion was reasonable, the passenger is immune. If not, no immunity.

So, you ask, what is sooooooooooo bad about having to make this concession to the Democrats?

Glad you asked!!!!

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Today we see that CAIR, you know, that organization with massive amounts of terror ties? Well they are making no bones about the fact that they intend to exploit this little loophole and who do we have to thank for giving them this opportunity?

Who else? The Democrats.

A note from LGF:

Note: this video was posted at YouTube by CAIR themselves, who obviously want it to be known that they’re going to pursue lawsuits against passengers. And of course, they’ve disabled comments for the video.

Anyone still want to claim that the Democrats have any concern for OUR safety?

They continue to put us, here at home, at risk, to pander to people with known terror ties.

Once again proving how weak and pathetic they are on National Security.

So yes, we got our John Doe Amendment, but as China and Russia are the weak links in the UN to any meaningful sanctions against Iran, the Democrats in our country are the weak links to any meaningful legislation meant to protect us.