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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Senate All Nighter Part #2

Part #1 is here, started yesterday afternoon, ummmm, ok, so in 1/2 hr it will be yesterday for me..heh (Technically it is only 11:22pm here in AZ, but it is tomorrow for most already.)

I won't be staying up all night for this, it is too boring and as the good Senator from my state, Jon Kyl, said: "“The amendment will look just as bad at 3 a.m. as it does at 3 p.m.”.... amen.

The debate won't change by morning, either.

The Dems keep begging and the Republicans are standing firm behind the commanders on the ground in Iraq that have been telling them progress is being made, better than expected, in fact.

If it is even possible, this whole bright idea of Harry "Baghdad" Reid's is managing to make them look even more hopelessly incompetent as well as impotent and he has managed to do what even the administration hasn't been able to do... Unite most of the wobbly Republicans together. (The strays such as Hagel won't make a difference because they do not give Reid anywhere near the 60 he needs... hence the begging.

Some Republicans even contended that the round-the-clock debate -- the first since November 2003 -- had helped GOP leaders shore up some of their wavering senators. Despite plummeting public support for the war, President Bush has urged lawmakers to refrain from taking decisive action until September, when Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, and Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker deliver a highly anticipated assessment of the war.

Well Done Harry Boy!!!

The various Iraq proposals are offered as amendments to the annual defense authorization bill. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), who has co-sponsored an amendment that moves away from the current strategy and adopts the bipartisan Iraq Study Group's recommendations, said Reid is "playing politics" and possibly hardening positions on both sides.

Can you say the word.......BACKFIRE.


Some choice comments from the debate: Lieberman, referring to someones comment about the Levin/Reed bill having teeth, has the money line when he asks, "who does it bite"? He also talks about the Dems wanting to "embrace defeat".

As the Senate headed into an all-night session complete with cots in Capitol meeting rooms and an antiwar vigil across the street, some Republicans who have gone public with their complaints about the war strategy also weighed in against the Democratic withdrawal plan as ill advised and driven mainly by partisan considerations.

“You wonder if they are more interested in politics than dealing with the substance of this,” said Senator George V. Voinovich, Republican of Ohio.

Senator Judd Gregg
, Republican of New Hampshire, labeled the Democratic plan calling for a troop pullout to begin within 120 days vague and unenforceable.

Like I said Earlier, even the wobbly Republicans are uniting:

Senators Richard G. Lugar of Indiana and Pete V. Domenici of New Mexico, two senior Republicans who recently delivered a high-profile criticism of the administration’s Iraq policy, also planned to oppose the Democratic plan, aides said.

Guess the Dems don't appreciate the irony of the shoe being on the other foot.

If they cannot assemble the 60 votes needed to overcome a Republican filibuster, the Democrats will have again failed to push through a timetable to end the war. Democratic officials count just over 50 votes for their plan and they spent much of Tuesday ripping Republicans for not allowing a simple majority vote on the withdrawal proposal drafted by Senators Carl Levin of Michigan and Jack Reed of Rhode Island, both Democrats.

“Now is the time for us to make difficult choices,” said Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut, one of the four Democratic presidential candidates in the Senate.

Republicans complained that the whole episode was a charade because the Democrats who were complaining about having to come up with 60 votes on contentious issues used the same tactics themselves when they were the minority party.

Guess they learned nothing from the Emergency Supplemental bill that they were forced to cave on after the President vetoed it.

Oh good, Michelle Malkin is also keeping up with the debate and she caught something Liberman said that I missed:

10:11pm Eastern. Joe Lieberman explains why he will vote against cloture tomorrow morning. “Will we sustain what is a bedrock policy of the Senate to require 60 votes on a matter of great importance to this body? Particularly a matter where there is a lot at stake. This amendment…is a very serious amendment. Some of us believe it would have disastrous consequences for our troops, the region…”

…“The American military will never lose the war in Iraq…if lost, it will be lost by a lack of political will.”

The Wapo link above also shows that Durbin continues to beg for Republicans help to force America's surrender:

The office of Senate Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) dispatched interns to buy toothpaste, toothbrushes and deodorant for delivery to GOP leadership offices, with a note offering the "supplies for your sleepless night." It added: "Help us bring an end to this war."

Note to Durbin: Give it up, the Republicans by and large are trying to give General Petraeus the time he needs to continue the progress he has been seeing of late.

I showed you on the last post, even General Pace is seeing a "sea change" in Iraq, so quit whining and quit sniveling and get down to the actual "appropriations bill" instead of being stalemated on an amendment that won't get passed and would have been vetoed even if it had been passed, you moron.

Thune reminded Webb that he is speaking from ignorance because Webb hasn't BEEN to Iraq and Thune has, so he can better speak to what the troops in iraq are telling him.

Good point.

Jules Crittenden brings us some reactions from the left.

All in all, nothing has changed from my previous post, the surrender crowd is still begging to not be held to a 60 vote threshold and the republicans are using a legal procedure to say "too bad, so sad, charlie"...LOL

I still say the best thing that has come out of this whole publicity stunt of Baghdad Reid's is that he managed to unite the Republicans firmly against the Levin/Reed amendment that includes any time lines.

If there is a way to screw something up, leave to Reid to do it... amusing.

I will catch this thread up in the AM with more choice quotes, reactions from the left and the right and the final outcome, which we already know, Levin/Reed amendment will go nowhere.

Thanks Reid!!!!!

UPDATE!! Spree has asked me, Snooper to update as the night drags on seeing that I am WIDE AWAKE...LOL!!

The NIE is here:

Hillary is on and she looks like she needs more coffee.

She JUST said that the Reed-Levin amendment was designed following the successes of the Anbar [miracle]. "Iraq is not Al Anbar Province"...what a moron. She just said there is a multi-sided civil war...Dunceville. The "political surge" and the "diplomatic surge" is what is needed. This pompous ASS and wanna-be president thinks we can "talk to" AQ. Jerk. SHe doesn't listen to the troops either. "We rushed in before the inspectors could finish their work...". Oh BROTHER. Not that again! I know...let us repeat the lies some more! Jerk. "Our troops are paying the price for this Administrations policies..." Another RETARDED comment. The troops are paying the price for our CONgress enabling and encouraging the enemy. She needs to STFU and climb back under her damn rock and take Bill with her. "Iraq has hindered our capabilities to respond to real threats..."????? I CALL BULLSHIT!! Hillary wants to withdraw and let politics take over. Like ours? BULLSHIT! Our politicians are the WORST in history at the moment. What a BAFOON! "Call for the redeployment of troops for several years..." WHAT?? I wonder what her alternative plans are? She is yacking about bi-partizanship politik...ya...sure. My impression is that she is DEATHLY afraid of victory. Our actions are aiding the demise of Jordan? IDIOT!!

Norm of the original White Flag Republicans just kissed Hillary's ass and then proceeded to kick it. He isn't going to support the amendment or so he says. "Why now?" "54 days ago we said go forward and now we hold up the finger to the wind?". That line is a keeper. Wait til September. The amendment is a bad idea. "We have been in Germany a long time, Korea a long time, Kosovo a long time..." "Picking dates out of thin air and not listening to General Petraeus?"..."not a good idea"..."cannot have a poll and scheduling driven policy"...

Bob Casey...supporting the amendment because many months of work has gone into it. He is babbling about more lies and more shit to put it bluntly. He is another idiot NOT listening to the troops. This idiot is poll driven and an emotional dweeb. "Our troops have done their jobs...". "This amendment is the light at the end of the tunnel...". Well, he needs to go the other way because he is moron. The president and the commanders are liars is what I get out of this freeking MORON...major moron.

John Barrasso...he listens to the troops and not emotional diatribes..."Don't quit. Don't pull out. Support the troops...", those are the words he hears as he talks to the American People in Wyoming. Page 67 of the ISG guidelines is in direct contrast to these proceedings.

Gotta get some coffee whilst they go find the AWOL Senators taking naps or licking each others wounds.

Looks like there are a herd of Senetraitors AWOL!! LOL!!

John Kerry...will he go 'round in circles? "AQ was not in Iraq until we invaded Iraq..." And HE is full of SHIT! It has been PROVEN that AQ WAS in Iraq BEFORE we "invaded". What a LIAR shithead! "If we are not in Iraq, AQ won't be in Iraq..." Where does he get this crap? He has been snorting too much Heinz mustard. Same shit different day from this moron. He is whining about the political benchmarks haven't been met. Moron. The military items have to be met first...what a moron. The missions don't make sense to Kerry. Playing the Vietnam Veteran card again. Bogus moron. We are adding to the chaos because of politics. Yeah, and HE has a BIG part in it with the rest of the Leftinistra. "There is no military solution...", I guess Petraeus is a liar then. Time to quit. Moron. "Our troops have no more hope today than they had yesterday...". WAY TO GO WITH DEMORALIZING THE TROOPS MORON!! OK. Enough of Kerry. This guy is a clueless dweeb. "We have enabled Iran..." Jerk. He doesn't now what "redeployment" means either.

This whole issue is retarded because when the amendment fails, Reidco will have a lower approval rating. If it passes, it will be vetoed and Reidco will have a lower approval rating.

Orrin Hatch...disagrees with Kerry which, isn't hard to do. The majority of Americans are worried about precipitous withdrawal from Iraq. The vast majority of Americans want to WIN THE WAR!! Those that are whining about going to war without a plan have created an irony of ironies by wanting to withdraw without a plan. We cannot have it both ways. He is kicking ass. Good for him. He presented facts and figures from the Boots on the Ground. The libs WILL NOT DO THE SAME! Neighborhood Watch systems are alive and well in Iraq. Mentioned Jihadi bloggers/internet use. Jihadistmania...insurgent media...our withdrawal equates to victory for AQ...that is how they see these debates...we cannot walk away from this fight. "How will we deal with Iran once we withdraw?" Good question. "Tehran Tea Party"...LOL!! "Who will be blame for the slaughter of millions and who will trust us if we abandon the innocents...", or something similar. "Election cycles should not guide discussions on war..."

Sheldon Whitehouse..."I beg for an end of this war..." More of the same Leftinistra BS. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...why are the Defeatocrats' voices those of whiners? "This amendment will allow our troops to rebuild and grow strength..."...WTF? "Sloganeering has begun..." Referring to the Mission Accomplished...he has no understanding at all what that banner was for...what a MORON!!! The idiot is using 2+ year old surveys as substantiation. Freak. This moron makes be nauseous.

Wayne Allard...we cannot afford to run away. Deadlines and thresholds will be voted against. Emboldening the terrorists is unacceptable and cause the enemy to believe that we are weak. Page 37 and 38 of the vaunted ISG makes a mockery of the Democratic leadership's wishes. AQ is still a clear threat around the world. The democrats have already abandoned David Petraeus. Sound familiar? Political gain amendments are unacceptable. Petraeus needs more time. There are no shortcuts. We need to give General Petraeus's one wish...more time. Imposed guidelines are not good for progress. Don't dwell on the failures but hi-light the successes...8 of 18 benchmarks are satisfactory.

Ken Salazar...rambling on about "labeling". Whining now about fundamental issues. How do we create stability and bring our troops home? Whiners drive me crazy. "Let us find a way to come together..." Is this emotional tirade going to end soon? He hasn't said much of anything yet. Rambling Man.

BREAKING NEWS!!! While the Rambling Man and Whiner is rambling and whining...

US: Top al-Qaida in Iraq Figure Captured

"Al-Mashhadani is believed to be the most senior Iraqi in the al-Qaida in Iraq network," Bergner said. He said al-Mashhadani was a close associate of Abu Ayub al-Masri, the Egyptian-born head of al-Qaida in Iraq.

Rambling Man is STILL rambling...STFU!!

James Inhofe...this ought to be GREAT!! And it is. He is kicking butt. Sorry. I was listening intently to this man and didn't write anything was THAT good! He said to remind everyone that the President DID admit mistakes back in September and set out to correct the mistakes. Hoping the terrorists "go away" is not very smart. (I am paraphrasing here). Victory is required and necessary. Victory from the bottom up is what is needed. Progress is being made in Iraq no matter how wishful negative thinking one has. The troops want to know what is wrong with the media. Good thing they have talk radio and internet...they KNOW the majority of America supports them.

Amy Klobuchar...another rambling dweeb. More rambling about the ineffective strategy of the past. No mention of the CURRENTLY WORKING STRATEGY. MORONS!! Another idiot NOT listening to the troops. Political and diplomatic strategies are the only way to stabilize Iraq...good Lord...another brain-dead shithead. There should be an emotions meter placed on people running for public office. They emotional need to NOT serve. It clouds their judgments on EVERYTHING!! Enough of this Code Pinko Moron.

Lindsey Graham..."Why is the CONgress at such a low approval rating?" "Al Qaida would depict our withdrawal as a historic victory." (page 38 of the ISG) We have a new strategy with a large American Footprint. We are dislodging AQ. AQ overplayed their hand and alienated themselves from the local sheiks. Sheiks are aligning with US Forces. "If we can find common ground with AQ, let me know". "Stick your arm out to shake their hands and they'll cut your arm off." "How do you fight a war with an enemy that knows no boundaries?" Very powerful speech here. Spell-bound and nearly didn't write anything. "Destroy AQ."

McCain again...waiting for next speaker.

Bill Nelson..."can we come together?" "Can we take off our ideological hats?" "Can we win this war without the support of the American people?" Yep. Mental illness has this moosetwit bad. The amendment is not a cut and run thing? Idiot. This turkey supports this amendment.

MY OBSERVATION HERE: if our forces can't handle the current situation now, what makes anyone think that leaving some troops behind to "go after AQ and train Iraqis" is going to work?

Saxby Chambliss..."wrong approach at the wrong time, emboldens the enemy and is unconstitutional...usurps the power of the CIC..." This guy is kicking ass as well. HOLY COW this guy is kicking Reid's ASSSSSSSS!!! He is saying way too much way too fast for these fingers!

Frank Lautenberg...wants a vote...up or down. This guy is a moron. What part of WIN THE WAR don't they get? Why are they sooooooooooooooo afraid of VICTORY? Why doesn't that word cross their lips? WHY? FUCKING WHY? Who IS this JERKUS MAGNUS? Another emotionally unstable dweeb. More MISSION ACCOMPLISHED bullshit. Moron Man just accused GWB of distracting the American people. What the HELL are these dementedcrats doing AT THIS VERY MOMENT? Why do trolls accuse others of what they themselves are doing? Why is that?

Larry Craig..."We play a political role and not a military role"...I like this guy. "We are not Generals and we meet in secret rooms and have meetings about ROE". "Why are we prejudging Petraeus?" "It is raw politics for the last 24 hours." "Good politics doesn't produce good policies." NOT supporting the amendment. "You have had your 24 hours of politics." "Wait until September as this body has so ordered." "Levin-Reed is about cuttin' and runnin'."

Jeff we go. Wanted to give the UN another 12 years to get Iraq to behave. Moron. This moosetwit sounds like Kerry. Are they related or just sleep together? "Other countries must be with us." THEY ARE YOU MORON!! Who voted for this idiot?

John Cornyn..."our presence in Iraq is not optional". "Pressure on Iraqi political leadership won't work and they are not obligated to the American Senate." GREAT LINE!! Paraphrase; "how can we expect Iraq to comply with benchmarks when we cannot even solve our social security insolvency? It took us over 100 years to have a civil war to bring about the civil rights movement." GREAT STUFF!! "This amendment must be defeated, plain and simple."

Dickhead Turbin...moron...not even going to put anything this jerk says on here. Jerk.

Barack Obama..."all of us are patriots and all of us want the best we can expect out of Iraq." Wants to set a mission for the military...wants to play General? Meatwhistle.

Joseph Biden...another idiot...not worthy to reproduce what the jerk says.

Mel Martinez...opposed to the amendment...wait until September.

Getting close to voting time so everyone is getting cut short.

McCain again...this is an exhibition. Kicking ass for the next 10 minutes. Yes. Too bad this man is so wrong on several issues. He is RIGHT ON and SPOT ON here on THIS issue.

Charles Schumer...jerk-off moron. Sloganeering is wrong. Why then does he use it? And where does he get this 70% of Americans are on his side? Moron.

Patty Murray...wants to cut and run

Jack Reed...idiot. Did I say this moron was an idiot yet?

Carl Levin...the OTHER idiot! Slow-leak. Moron. "My amendment deserves a vote!" WAH!!

Mitch McConnell..."an episode of the twilight zone." Paraphrase; "They are whining about the 60-vote rule that they have demanded many times before." ZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!! Can you say MITCH SLAPPED? "Senate theatrics produced nothing but sound bytes." "...cold pizza and empty cots..." LOL!! "...24-hour talk-a-thon..." "What is their plan? The 1 and 1/2 page amendment is vague and undescriptive..." This is short-circuiting Petraeus. The

Bozo the Clown Reid...thanking everyone for wasting tax-payers' money. Voice sounds shaky. Thanking the janitors. STFU!! Moron. Still sticking by the LIE that Americans are against this war and that it is lost. This man needs mental help. No more of this baffoon.

Reid during his closing stupidity.

Prayer time before the vote to continue debate.

Voting now...Did Reid just vote no? The stopping of the debate on the amendment has died the death it so deserves. Mr 14% approval rating has just chastised the "blockers". The idiot KNEW it was going to fail and he is reading a PREPARED retort. Moron.

End of this round...good night. Sleep well America...Patriots have won this one.