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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

AmericaBlog wins Most ridiculous moment award

I wish I had an award to give them for this, but just pointing it out is good enough.

AmericaBlog is claiming they achieved some sort of victory because they received an email from Home Depot stating they would not nor have they advertised on the Bill O'Reilly show... problem for AmericaBlog as well as the most ridiculous moment award is this:.... they weren't advertisers on the Bill O'Reilly show to begin with!!!!!

Big Win Aravosis!!! (Cracking up here) Even funnier yet, he calls it "breaking news". (Laughing even harder now)

Don Surber tops him:

Well, hell’s bells, I can top that. I will not advertise on Bill O’Reilly’s show or “Married … With Children.” How about them apples? Of course, I have never advertised on any TV show. But I get credit for that.

History on this whole laughable affair can be found here and here.

So, I am pleased to announce the "Most Ridiculous Moment Award" is presented to John Aravosis.

Well done John, you have just become the laughingstock of bloggers.

Others laughing at this:

Riehl World View and Macsmind.

The actual breaking news is that Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox, is seen winning in thier bid for Dow Jones.

Rupert Murdoch appeared today to have gained enough support from the deeply divided Bancroft family to buy Dow Jones & Company, publisher of The Wall Street Journal, for $5 billion.

I guess Fox and O'Reilly got the last laugh after all, huh AmericaBlog?

More from Wall Street Journal and CNBC.

More reactions about Rupert Murdoch and Dow can be found at memeorandum.

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