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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Democratic Debate... #4? or #3? Who cares

This will be quick, Debate was boring boring and more boring.

BUT, one definite high light that amused me to no end.

This guy.

I literally spewed my drink.

If you want to see reactions to the debate, many can be found here.

To name a few Bloggers:

Altouse Live Blogged it. Hot Air calls it a freakshow. NewsBusters did too. Michelle Malkin is always enjoyable when describing the idiocy. Analysis by Politico. Vodka Pundit live blogged for Pajamas Media.

News Articles:

NYT, CNN, Wapo.

All in all, the GUN GUY, took the cake. I am still cracking up. WATCH THAT VIDEO ABOVE.

[Update] 7/24/07- Instapundit makes a very good point about Biden's response to the Gun Guy and how it could potentially hurt the democratic "brand.

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