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Friday, July 20, 2007

I would spit on Hillary before I would vote for her

I don't spit, it isn't "ladylike", hehe, but I would make an exception for Hillary before I would ever vote for her. I have explained my reasons at length in a few blog posts.

One of which was one I titled "Agenda for the Common Good: Be Damned"

Another would be the Liberal Communist Manifesto.

Hillary has a scandal ridden past as well, and personally I am with the skeptics that believe Hillary would do nothing BUT try to turn our country into a communist society.

The older the woman, the more negatively she views Mrs. Clinton: 27 percent of those under age 45 view her negatively; 33 percent of those 45 to 64 view her negatively; and 40 percent of those 64 and older view her negatively.

“I like her strength, and I like that she’s been behind the scenes in the White House and knows the process and has the Senate experience,” Karla Whitt, 32, a small-business owner in Charlotte, N.C., said in a follow-up interview.

“I do like that she is a woman,” Ms. Whitt added, “but that’s not the main thing.”

Marilyn Bielstein, 69, a retired nurse in Gig Harbor, Wash., said flatly, “I don’t like her politics, and I don’t admire her as a woman.”

Ms. Bielstein added, “I’ve followed her history back to her college days, and I just don’t trust her. I think she’s a socialist, and I think that’s exactly where she wants to take us.”

I agree with Ms. Bielstein 100%.

To me, Hillary represents everything I oppose and I think that although she will be the primary candidate for the Democratic party, she comes with so much baggage that will be thrown out by me and quite a few other conservative blogs as well as many liberal blogs that she will go down in flames in the general election.

Hillary is anti-American in my view, and the President of the United Staes of America should love our country and not show the disdain for it, nor our military, that politicians, such as Hillary, shows every time they open their mouths.

All my posts related to Hillary Clinton can be found on one page, here. Read them, follow the links and learn about who this "woman" really is.

[Update] For the record, Wapo really shouldn't force anyone to even see a headline referring to Clinton's "cleavage"....disgusting.