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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Censure away Feingold: Lets Dance.

So, Feingold wants to censure Bush...go for it. You want to get your ass handed to you AGAIN, by the Republicans that will filibuster you to get it past the Senate?

You people learn nothing.

What on earth makes you think you can get the 60 votes it will take?

Pathetic, worthless and a waste of MY taxpayer money.

As Captain's Quarters reminds us, Reid was against it, might still be, but IF he decides to go for it, will prove that he once again is a LIAR.

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Throw your little temper tantrum and get Mitch slapped yet again.

No skin off our asses, we LOVE making you look as incompetent and impotent as you really are.


Hot Air
shows us some comments from Harry "Baghdad" Reid.

So, all in all, Senator Feingold, lets dance.

I will be very happy to have the material to blog about showing you get your ass handed to you.

[Update] 7/23/07- Another article discussing Feingold's idiocy.

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