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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gathering of Eagles Update- Nothing Goes Unchallenged

I truly truly LOVE these guys. They have done so much for us and they are still fighting for us and their brothers and sisters in arms.

Please take special note of that last sentence.


Nothing Goes Unchallenged

Posted: 24 Jul 2007 09:02 PM CDT

The Iraq Veterans Against the War, the Delaware Valley Veterans of America and Cindy Sheehan came to Philly today. They had a scheduled program from 1330 to 1530. I showed up at 1230 and was met nearly immediately by Eagles and the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club. We flew the flag, waved signs and had a dozen passers-by join our number. Right away we were challenged with the usual angry rhetoric. With facts at our disposal, they resorted to name calling, but remember–they “support the troops.”

At various points I was assaulted by a member of the Granny Peace Brigade and an angry Asian college-aged female, but remember, they are “peace activists.” We were consistently told to be quiet and to let their litany of Leftists speak, but remember, they are the tolerant ones dedicated to free speech. In fact, at one point, the Park Service took me aside to ask if I could please be quiet because we were just too loud.

By the time Cindy arrived we numbered around 40 and the opposition was around 100. That, of course, meant they were completely out-numbered. With air horns and loud voices we challenged Cindy as she took the place of dishonor. Within a minute she was directly responding to my challenges, and 2 to 5 minutes later she was gone, citing security concerns.

After Cindy left we raised a little ruckus with the opposition, attempted to change some minds and then escorted them to their waiting bus. It was a win, pure and simple. The organizers of the I Hate America rally, including Bill Perry, a Vietnam Vet who has become friends with Jane Fonda, complained loudly to the police and Park Service that we had ruined their affair. It seems that they have gone unchallenged for so long that they resort to name-calling and whining for rescue from the big, bad veterans at the very moment we appear. Remember though, they truly support the troops.

The weather was perfect, the brothers and sisters amazing. Eagle Tom Murtha, a Marine who served a year in Korea and better than three tours in Vietnam, summed up the day with a perfect retort to a challenge of, “Why don’t you join the Army if you like the war so much?”

“Lady,” he replied, “I’m a Marine who has 4 years of combat service, and you ain’t doing to these guys what you did to us.” No my brothers and sisters, they will not. Manchu.

Chris Hill
GOE National Director for Operations


Good going EAGLES and a hardy THANK YOU for standing up to that anti-American, anti-Military moonbat.

REMINDER FROM CASSY: Please vote for the Wounded Warriors Project, once every day. They can use the funds.