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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

In the news today

A few things in the news and on the blogs today that are interesting and amusing but I didn't want to write about them individually.

First, we have the puppies chasing their tails abut Gonzales.

(NOTE to Puppies: Incompetent does not equal illegal, (Linked added)but please keep chasing those tails around, it keeps you out of trouble and amuses me)

Next we have "Topless Protest by Breasts Not Bombs and Code Pink at Hillary Clinton Campaign Launch Party"

Warning, nudity , namely titties, at site linked above.

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Sopranos Deal of the Week 125x125


Speaking of Clinton, she is taking baby Obama to task for being naive.

The far left liberal unhinged portion of the Democratic party seems to think that if ANY good news comes out of Iraq, it means the commanders are political... how amusing.

The right, is quick to set them straight though.

A good piece by Thomas Sowell "Is America Today the France of Yesterday"

While all this is going on though, the President is keeping his eye on the ball.

Have fun clicking links and have a great day.

More to come as I finish reading the news today.

Others talking about Hillary's Boob fest:

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