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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good News From Iraq: 7/24/07

Before I start listing the amazing good news from Iraq, I want to make a couple observations.

I have noticed that to "some" people, any good news coming from Iraq seems to be a personal affront to them. These are people that cannot, ever, bring themselves to say the words "I WANT our troops to be successful", they cannot stand anyone that DOES wish for America to succeed and Iraq to become a completely independent country.

It is completely beyond my ability to comprehend how anyone could actively pray, wish and do everything in their power to see America fail.

You know who you are. Look into a mirror and try it, try saying those words "I want America to succeed" and if you find you are incapable of doing that, then I am talking about you.

Now, on to the important news coming from Iraq.


BAGHDAD, Iraq - Coalition Forces detained 20 suspected terrorists during raids Tuesday targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq operations north of Baghdad.

Three synchronized raids west of Taji targeted al-Qaeda in Iraq operatives associated with senior terrorist leaders and criminal activity. Coalition Forces captured one individual suspected of attacking Coalition Forces and detained 15 others for their alleged links to hijackings and weapons facilitation.

Coalition Forces captured a foreign terrorist suspected of involvement in the May 2007 Samarra suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device attack. Also during the raid northwest of Balad, Coalition Forces detained three other suspected terrorists for their alleged ties to the foreign terrorist.

"We're continuing to hunt down those who terrorize the people of Iraq," said Maj. Marc Young, an MNF-I spokesperson. "Criminals and foreign terrorists have no place in the future of this country."

7/23/07- Iraqi tribes reach security accord

TAJI, Iraq — U.S. forces have brokered an agreement between Sunni and Shi'ite tribal leaders to join forces against al Qaeda and other extremists, extending a policy that has transformed the security situation in western Anbar province to this area north of the capital.

The extremists struck back yesterday with a suicide car bomb aimed at one of the Sunni tribes involved in the deal, killing three militiamen and wounding 14.

Members of the First Calvary Division based at nearby Camp Taji helped broker the deal on Saturday with the tribal leaders, who agreed to use members of more than 25 local tribes to protect the area around Taji from both Sunni and Shi'ite extremists.

Yesterday's suicide attack took place at a checkpoint that was set up under the security plan and run by members of the al-Zobaie tribal militia, nicknamed "Freedom Fighters" by the U.S. troops. The Americans say they were attacked daily in the area 12 miles north of Baghdad before Saturday's deal.

"We want to protect innocent civilians from killing and kidnapping," said Nadeem al-Tamimi, a Shi'ite tribal leader. "We have been working against al Qaeda for two years and paying for it from our own pocket. But we're not just against al Qaeda. We're against all murderers and thieves."

From Operation Iraqi Freedom:

BAGHDAD — Coalition forces captured 27 suspected terrorists, including an alleged terrorist with ties to Iranian elements, during missions conducted across Iraq Friday as Operation Phantom Thunder continues, U.S. military officials reported.

Coalition forces detained a suspected secret cell terrorist Friday in Baghdad’s Sadr City section. It is believed the suspected terrorist has close ties to Iranian terror networks and is responsible for numerous attacks on Iraqi civilians as well as on Iraqi and Coalition forces in Baghdad.

The detainee is also suspected of recruiting Iraqis to fill the ranks of Iranian terror groups operating in Iraq, officials said.

“Coalition troops continue to target the terrorists who bring explosively formed penetrators and other aid into Iraq,” said U.S. Army Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, a Multi-National Force-Iraq spokesperson. “We remain committed to dismantling terror networks that seek to kill innocent Iraqis and Coalition forces.”

Explosively formed penetrators are sophisticated roadside bombs designed to penetrate armored vehicles.

This and other ongoing military operations are part of an overall offensive against insurgents in Iraq called Operation Phantom Thunder, which began June 15, once all “surge” troops were in place.

Also Friday, Coalition troops killed three terrorists and detained 26 others during a series of operations targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq senior leaders and terrorist-bomb networks.

Coalition troops disrupted the al-Qaeda in Iraq senior leader network during a raid on several buildings east of Fallujah. Three terrorists were killed and 16 suspects were detained.

In Anbar province Friday, Coalition forces raided a suspected terrorist haven northeast of Karmah. The ground forces captured four individuals at the scene, including one man who allegedly has ties to a senior al-Qaeda leader who was killed during a May 1 Coalition operation.

Just south of Baghdad, Coalition forces Friday raided a building in search of a suspected agent for a leader in the Baghdad vehicle-bomb network. The ground forces detained two suspected terrorists and moved to a second building, where they found and captured the suspected agent.

Also Friday, Coalition troops captured a close associate of the suspected military commander for al-Qaeda forces in the Tarmiyah area during a raid west of the town. And in Mosul Friday, Coalition forces detained two suspected terrorists while targeting the alleged al-Qaeda emir in Kirkuk, believed to be responsible for issuing anti-coalition edicts.

Also, go to The Victory Caucus and on the front page, right side, look at the charts and please notice the differences that have come about in March and April.

Sometimes looking at graphs showing the difference bewteen one month to the next is the only way to really get a feel for how much progress has been made recently.

This is the success that people that have been touting surrender cannot stand to see, but it is there, it is happening and it is now the trend instead of the exception, no matter how badly those that cannot stand seeing good news from Iraq, tries to deny it, spin it or distort it.

In a recent post we have shown you 50 Tribal leaders standing with U.S. and Coalition forces against insurgents and al-Qaeda, we have brought you news of lower level al-Qaeda members, so disgusted by the violence that they are turning against their own group to help, we have also shown you how the Iraqi Army is stepping up to the plate, successfully, case after case of Iraqi Citizens coming to the U.S. Forces are turning in insurgents and al-Qaeda members in their area.

This is but a small sample of the news that is finally being reported by our MSM because they can no longer hide it from the American people and all of this has just been the last couple of weeks!!!!!

What we are seeing is the result of General Petraeus and the new strategies he has implemented, counterinsurgency methods, and they are working better than many have thought they could, faster than many believed it would happen.

Make no mistake. We will be in Iraq for a while, but th more provinces that get handed over, the more success and progress we see, the more Iraqi's that take a stand against insurgents and al-Qaeda and the more political progress that the Iraq politicians see, the sooner our presence will be able to switch gears and the less troops Iraq will need from us.

All this news that is being reported to the American people has also given us good news from America too, that is American support for the war is inching up, only by a little as of yet, but as more good news comes from Iraq, those numbers will rise also.

As the good news continues to roll in, we will, of course, bring it to you.

REMINDER FROM CASSY: Vote for the Wounded Warriors Project every single day. They deserve it.