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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The New Look of The Victory Caucus!!

Cross-posted by request: Snooper

The Victory Caucus is THE one-stop place if you are looking for everything and anything that is related directly to the Global War On Terror...the good AND the bad. We hide not a thing.

As I was listening to the caterwauling of the Democratic Presidential Aspirants this evening, I couldn't help notice that their sources of progresses and shortfalls in the War In Iraq is wanting. It is wanting intellectual fervor and the Democrats cannot, NAY!, WILL not accept that we, America, are WINNING this war.

We have also been saying that the Democrats CANNOT afford to win in Iraq. It will disappoint them GREATLY and their "popular" stature will wax thin and cold. Little do they realize, it has already happened. They are in for a major landslide come November 2008...the problem is, the landslide that comes their way will bury them and their ignorant defeatist shit for DECADES to come.

Losers are as losers do.

Do we, America, want a "change in direction"? Yes. We do. But the "direction" is not a "location". The "direction" is an event. We, America, want to WIN THE WAR. And, we The ROE has been modified. The obvious signs are clear to this DAVOFW.

Wake Up America has an excellent (as usual) piece up about how American Support for War Inches Up. I listened to how we were failing. Failing to do what, exactly? Lose? Like in Vietnam? I and others have been blogging, writing, screeching, preaching and getting the word out that nothing could be more wrong than as Reid has stated, "The war is lost..." Some people's kids. I swear!

IBD Editorials has a piece up from earlier today entitled "Heart and Minds".
Not listening to Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi, Iraqi Sunni and Shiite tribal leaders have formalized an alliance with U.S. forces and against al-Qaida. The Arab street is rising up, and they're on our side.
How long have we been hearing about this and the Leftinistra, the Armies of the Socialist Liberals, aka the Democratic Party leadership and their far left nemesis and the Republican Party RINOs, absolutely refuse to accept this news. They would "Rather" delude themselves into thinking that their politically driven lies and deceitfulness will garner them more support and have some kind of a MAJOR landslide similar to the Reagan landslide of yore.

Just in case anyone has forgotten what that entailed, here is a graphic for your enjoyment or hair-pulling.
Now, the above is a landslide. What happened last November, was ("IS") by no means a landslide, nor was it a mandate for the Democratic Party. What it was is this; a wake-up call for the complacent Republicans that we, The Reagan Era Conservatives, were displeased with the RINOs among us and guiding the country down the wrong path...NOT about Iraq, but about the spend-thrift machinations of a party gone unchecked.

The Contract With America was brushed aside and we tried to warn them but they were not listening to "We The People", were they? No, they were not. They most assuredly heard us over the Shamnesty deal, yes? And, thank God above, we have EVERYONE'S attention now. Don't we? Yes, we do.

We have their attention so badly at the moment that the Defeatocrats want to shut us down. "It's not fair that our bleeding heart liberal communist pinko fag agenda garbage fails at every turn or it is not as popular as the conservative agenda that succeeds at every turn!" "It's not our fault. It is GWB's fault that we fail so miserably!"


Here is another graphic. It is how Reid and his genre of Democrats and RINOs act when "things" don't go as they so lustfully pine and yearn for them to go.

The overwhelming success of CONSERVATIVE talk radio and other venues SHOULD BE their's your sign. "You might be a Leftinistra if your radio talk show goes tits up. Here's your sign."
The cut-and-run Democrats have long argued that our presence in Iraq has merely stirred things up and given al-Qaida an effective recruiting tool. Well, we've certainly stirred things up — and thanks to the success of our surgin' general, David Petraeus, we have a bevy of new Iraqi recruits. Except they've got al-Qaida in their cross hairs.

On Saturday, members of the 1st Cavalry Division based near Taji brokered a formal agreement between Sunni and Shiite tribal leaders to join forces against al-Qaida and other jihadists. The Sunni and Shiite agreed to use members of more than 25 local tribes to protect the area around Taji, just 12 miles north of Baghdad.
Take a few minutes and think about that. Take a few minutes and think about this as well.

The deal is just the latest example of the progress Democrats claim isn't happening in Iraq — a series of deals with various tribes and militia groups that at one point were part of the insurgency. But it's the first involving both Sunni and Shiite sheiks together.

After the agreement, soldiers from the 1st Cav's 7th Regiment could be seen walking calmly through the streets of nearby Falahal. "A month ago, every single one of these people were shooting at us," Sgt. Richard Fisk told the Washington Times as he pointed out places in Falahal were roadside bombs were once planted.

Who would have thought that? Oh. WAIT! General David Petraeus did! The General the Senate UNANIMOUSLY confirmed and they APPROVED of The Plan! I smell shit in Shinolla here. You? What do you suppose is the "real agenda" here, folks?

The "real agenda" is this. The Democrats and RINOs cannot afford a victory in Iraq, plain and simple.

Last October, al-Qaida in Iraq declared Baqouba to be the capital of the Islamic State in Iraq, and claimed to control both Anbar and Diyala provinces, of which Baqouba is the capital. But that was before Operation Arrowhead Ripper. Of the 1,000 al-Qaida who were thought to have been in Baqouba, those who haven't been killed or captured have fled.

And we're not doing it alone. Despite mainstream media reports, Iraqis are fighting and dying for their freedom in ever greater numbers. Progress is being made. But as even New York Times reporter John Burns notes: "The most likely outcome of an American withdrawal any time soon would be cataclysmic violence."

Sounds like the tell-tale story of an imminent victory to this old warrior!! What does it sound like to you?

The article ends thusly and it is a chilling consternation:

The choice for Democrats is Petraeus or betray us.