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Friday, July 27, 2007

More on Fred Thompson

Debbie over at Right Truth has a good article about Spencer Abraham who we hear has joined team Fred.

His position on issues as well as a few other points have people worried about this addition to Fred's Team.

I stated yesterday that it is Fred's positions that matter but she still makes quite a few points on the other side of the equation and it deserves serious consideration.

A little teaser:

Fred Thompson has been my favorite for President in the 2008 election, until now. If what I'm hearing about Spencer Abraham, Thompson's new campaign manager, then Fred's campaign is dead in the water. Spencer Abraham, according to reports, is a supporter of open borders. That by itself is enough to turn most conservative voters off. On top of the border security question, I'm hearing that Spencer Abraham is an apologist for the Islamists. No way Fred can get elected if this is true. No way in hell.

Raed the whole thing, she covers both viewpoints and is worth the read.

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We also see in todays news that "Fox Producer joins team Fred. Another interesting choice.

The word spreading all over Capitol Hill today is that longtime Fox senior congressional producer Jim Mills is leaving his booth on the House side to join the Fred Thompson quasi-campaign as spokesman. NBC has confirmed that Mills will join Thompson's organization effective August 20.

Lot's of "OMG" and even "OMFG" being traded on the e-mail this morning among staffers and press because Mills is something close to a legend on the House side. Known for his pugnacious (yet jocular) style, everyone from Speaker Pelosi to the cashiers down in the basement have gotten a kick out of "Millsy" at one time or another, and in one form or another.

He does seem to be choosing people that will bring in a variety of the voting population and I guess it remains to be seen if these choices will be kept throughout his campaign, once he decides to officially announce.

I am keeping my eye on Thompson.

[Update] Another resignation from Campaign Fred.

Another aide to Fred Thompson's campaign-in-waiting resigned last night, two sources close to the campaign confirm. Tom Frechette had been effectively serving as campaign manager Tom Collamore's deputy. Collamore was removed from his post Tuesday and given a "senior adviser" role. Like Collamore, Frechhette was said to have chafed under the heavy influence of Thompson's wife, Jeri.

So what is your view, should his wife play a large role in his campaign or a smaller one?