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Monday, July 30, 2007

Vets for Freedom Week 4: Sign up Today to Show up in September

In September, General Petraeus will report to Congress on the status of the mission in Iraq. At that time, members of Congress will decide whether to continue the mission and defeat Al Qaeda, or abandon the mission and surrender to America’s enemies. The stakes could not be higher.

It is absolutely crucial that veterans have a voice in September's debate. And therefore we're asking every Iraq and Afghanistan veteran who believes in the mission - and supports our fellow soldiers and Marines still serving - to converge on Washington, DC on Tuesday, September 18th.

We plan to have hundreds of veterans on Capitol Hill ... and hope you'll be one of them.

We will not be the only group on Capitol Hill in September. At this website you can read about anti-war protesters - and anti-war veterans - who plan to confront members of Congress on September 18th. There will even be Iraq war veterans staging a "die in."

Unlike our opponents, we will not stage protests, chant slogans, or impede the work of government. We will meet constructively with as many members of Congress as we can to express our first-hand experiences and explain why it is important that the sacrifices of our brothers-in-arms not be in vein.

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And remember, if you're on active duty - you can still participate. Current DOD regulations allow you to participate as long as you are: 1) out of uniform; 2) not speaking on behalf of "the military"; and 3) not protesting. The same goes for National Guard and Reserve troops. So please join us.

What You Can Do This Week!

WEEK 4: Sign up Today to Show up on September 17/18

Over 40 Vets for Freedom members joined together on Capitol Hill in July and helped stop Congress from voting to undercut the troops. Don't miss your chance to do the same on September 17 & 18 ... on a much larger scale.

We need you to sign up early. By signing up this week, Vets for Freedom can do the following:

1. Schedule meetings for you with your Senators and Representative. In July we had to "walk in". On September 18th we want participants to have appointments.
2. Reserve high-profile speakers to address all Iraq and Afghanistan veterans on Monday night (September 17).
3. Raise money to support the travel and lodging for ALL veterans. We plan to cover all air and ground travel costs, and lodging for the evening of September 17.

So, if you are an Iraq or Afghanistan veteran and are ready to take a stand and join us on Capitol Hill on September 17 & 18, please send an email to Include the following information:

1. Name and contact information (primary email and phone number)
2. Brief military bio
3. Your home state (and other states in which you have claimed residence)
4. Your probable means of transportation to Washington, DC
5. If you will be able to arrive on the evening of Monday, September 17 for the formal in-brief and dinner with guest speakers.
6. Any questions you might have

Once we receive your information we will schedule meetings with representatives on your behalf and as the date approaches, confirm your lodging in Washington, DC. We are planning on conducting the in-brief on the evening of Monday, September 17 and all the meetings on Tuesday, September 18. For a tentative timeline, see the end of this email.

What Else You Can Do?

If you're not a veteran, but would like to help - here's how:

1. Donate. In July, thanks to the generous support of hundreds of Americans, we were able to cover the travel of everyone who attended. We hope to do the same in September, but with more veterans, we’ll need more support. We hope you’ll consider a large gift, but we always appreciate any size donation. It was hundreds of smaller donations that covered our July event, and we’d love to do that again.

2. Get involved in your home state. Last week we asked for State Captains and local volunteers. We still need help. If you’re interested, please review our Week 3 email and get involved. Congress needs to hear from pro-mission veterans and supporters in August - when they’re home meeting with constituents.

3. Forward this Email. Send this email to everyone you know. Post it on your blog. Print it out and hand it out to friends. Get the word out, so we can get as many veterans on Capitol Hill as possible. Our goal is hundreds of veterans from all parts of our country.

Tell your buddies. Meet them in Washington, DC. And together, tell your representative where we stand.

Don't miss your opportunity to join Vets for Freedom on Capitol Hill and do your part to support our fellow soldiers and Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Pete Hegseth
Iraq War Veteran 2005-2006
Executive Director, Vets for Freedom

Click here for more information on Vets for Freedom's "10 Weeks to Testimony."

Basic Timeline for September 17-18

September 17 4-6pm: Reception and Lodging assistance
6-9pm: In-brief & dinner (with high profile speakers)
9pm: Social Event
September 18 9am-12: Meetings on Capitol Hill
12pm-1: Lunch
Afternoon: Large Press Conference
1-5pm: Meetings on Capitol Hill

Please do not forget that it will be a busy week in Washington because tens of thousands have already signed on with Move America Forward and they too will be converging in Washington to tell congress that they must SUPPORT our troops and work for Victory in Iraq instead of actively trying to force defeat.