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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mom's Rant About 'Morning Sex' In Front Of Children Goes Viral (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Rebecca Seitz, a Florida mother sat down to have breakfast with her two young boys and turned on the "Good Morning America," show and  she sees a commercial for an upcoming ABC drama, "Betrayal," with a man and a woman, completely nude in the midst of a steamy love scene.

Ms. Seitz had a few things to say about her children being exposed to what she terms "soft porn," and she took to her blog to say it. Little did she know that her rant would go viral after Fox News correspondent Todd Starnes contacted her for a comment, then featured it on his facebook page.

After reading her initial reactions, seeing a photo she captured of the commercial that offended her, then watching the video below.... decide if you agree with Seitz that it should be a parents decision what their children can and cannot see or if she is overreacting as some claim she is.

Below is a portion of this shocked mother's initial blog post:

Ella heard the television and stirred. I watched from the living room as she sat up, wiped the sleepy from her big brown eyes, and yawned. The GMA segment went to commercial.

And then, wham.



Did that just flash on my TV screen?

In front of 8-year-old Andy?!

No way.

A camera trick. A clever angle.

I told Andy – his blue eyes had gone wide – to get something from the refrigerator (out of sight of the TV).

Snatched up the remote.


There it was.

On my TV.

During a major network news program.

At 8am.

What HELL just ascended into my living room and burned itself into my precious boy’s brain?

I hit pause, grabbed my iPhone, snapped a picture, and then got the image off the screen before Andy could see again or Ella could find out why Mommy’s face registered shock. A quick post to Facebook later and many joined in the chorus. Then Facebook notified me my picture had been “reported as inappropriate due to nudity”.

Now Facebook has removed my post.

Thanks for the affirmation, Facebook."

There is more, read it, but the gist of her outrage can be heard in the videos below.

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