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Saturday, August 31, 2013

UPDATED - 300 More US Marines Arrive For Syria (Video)

By Susan Duclos

In the video below Barack Obama assures the American people, saying there will be a "limited, narrow attack," on Syria but there would be no boots on the ground, something he has said before.

Another U.S. Navy warship with 300 Marines has been placed off the coast of Syria in the eastern Mediterranean.

Take a look at this screen shot from CNN:

[Update] A couple possibilities here. Obama could be parsing his words, pretend to not be putting marines there, because the marines were already there  or this latest group of marines are in addition to the ones sent there after Obama decided to arm his Syrian, al-Qaeda linked rebels.

[Update] Question answered, the reports are about additional marines, not the ones already there.

Video below is obama's promise of no boots on the ground.

[Update #2] Next video brings up more questions about how many U.S. trained fighters we have been sending over Jordan's border into Syria.

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