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Friday, August 30, 2013

Anonymous - Syria & The Drums Of War- A False Flag War Started By Barack Obama (Video)

By Susan Duclos

The now infamous hacker group Anonymous has put out a message on Syria and the drums of war, where they remind everyone of the consequences of Barack Obama's determination to start a war in Syria, and how Iran has an arms treaty with Syria, in which Iran has a commitment to defend Syria and vice versa in times of War.

Via the details Anonymous, who I do not always agree with, makes the following excellent point:

The Chemical Weapons used against the Syrian People are now shown to be the work of the United States Government by way of the U.S. backed Syrian rebels known as the Syrian National Coalition. This is a blatant False Flag attack and should not be endorsed by the citizens of the United States. There is absolutely no benefit for the American People or the world in general as a result of a war with Syria or Iran.

The reason Obama was rushing into a war with Syria was to attack before the American people became aware that the Obama administration arranged the chemical attack he is now blaming the Syrian government for..... and he is too late.

We know and yet Obama in all his arrogance is still moving forward with the attack that will kill hundreds, if not thousands of innocent Syrians.

The Syrian leadership is nothing more than an Iran puppet, and a murderous dictator, but to arrange a false flag provocation is nothing short of criminal on Obama's part.

Obama must be impeached for this.

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