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Monday, August 26, 2013

The Internet Wired Directly Into Your Brain: Neural Interfaces In Every Classroom! (Video)

By Susan Duclos

If the title itself doesn't creep people out enough, then the video below found at David Icke's website, should do the trick.

Via Icke's site: When DARPA issues a solicitation, they are looking for researchers who can develop the particular ability the solicitation calls for. Researchers respond with their ideas, and DARPA awards funding to the most promising proposals. A very creepy solicitation (SB131-002) has now been released, which calls for a “Portable Brain Recording Device & App”.

The proposal itself can be found, via PDF, here.

Mark Dice explained it back in January, as only he can, in the video below, which includes the following in the details: "The plan is to have the internet wired directly into your brain and offer humans the ability to be trans-humanist cybernetic Gods"

Watch, then remember they want this in every classroom.

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