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Monday, August 19, 2013

'Zombie Pigeon' Epidemic Sparks Fears Of Transmission To Humans (Video)

By Susan Duclos - Cross posted from Before It's News

An "epidemic" of pigeon deaths in Moscow, Russia has sparked fears of a virus that could be transmitted to humans. Witnesses describe the sick birds as "zombie pigeons showing no awareness of cars or passersbys.

According to the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Inspection Service, the pigeons are suffering from "Newcastle Disease," which supposedly can spread to humans.

Contradicting that assertion, the Moscow's Veterinary Committee is claiming the mass of bird deaths is caused by salmonellŠ° poisoning, an intestinal infection spread among animals and humans.

Via RT: Autopsies of dead birds showed that they had all suffered from a common intestinal infection that is not dangerous to humans, said Moscow's deputy mayor for social issues, Leonid Pechatnikov. Neither the bird flu, dangerous to humans, nor fowl plague or any other diseases threatening people have been found, he said.

The conflicting reports cannot be helping the fears of those that witnesses the odd behavior of the birds before they died.

Also, it is noteworthy, that many diseases started with animals, then became a problem for humans. The plague comes to mind which was transmitted by fleas.

A list of other Zoonotic diseases can be found here.

Therefore it is not unreasonable for the concern being expressed by Moscow residents.