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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Black Man Orders White Man To "Apologize For What White People Did To Black People,' At Gunpoint (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Chikwanha E. Nyashanu, a 35-year-old black male was arrested after he pulled a loaded gun on a white male and ordered him to "apologize for what white people did to black people."

Nyashanu is being held on a on $100,000 bail with prosecutors seeking to increase the amount to $500,000, according to Brandi Kruse of Judge Arthur R. Chapman referred to these actions as "inexplicable' and deemed him a danger to the community."

Nyashanu is was arrested after being tased and the firearm and ammunition he used, was found.

According to court records, Nyashanu has a weapons-related conviction from 2002 as well as a conviction for obstruction of justice in 2006 and reckless endangerment in 2009.

Had Nyashanu watched MSNBC, he could have been satisfied without threatening a random white man, because Chris Matthews has already apologized on behalf  of all white people, as seen in the second video below.

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