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Friday, August 30, 2013

Syria Can Cripple The U.S. (Videos)

By Susan Duclos

While the U.S. has larger military might compared to Syria and is prepared to show it to "punish" Syrian leadership for chemical attacks on the Syrian people, which  there is plenty of contradictory evidence showing the Obama backed rebels conducted that attack, and not the Syrian government, Syria sponsored and/or sympathetic cyber hackers have U.S. experts seriously concerned about the damage they can and already have caused within the United States.

In one of the videos below, you will hear that cyber warfare is probably the "greatest threat to our national security now."

Everything in this day and age is run by computers and the Internet.

The Syrian Electronic Army has already shown they can disrupt major news organizations, such as the NYT, using the most recent example as well as hacking into social media accounts run by news outlets, as evidenced by hacking into the AP's Twitter feed at one point, falsely claiming an explosion at the White House and triggering a drop in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index that temporarily wiped out $136 billion in market value.

Consider this, via Washington Times:

Hackers also have demonstrated that they could take over computer control systems that operate chemical, electrical and water and sewage treatment plants. They also can hack into transportation networks.

“An aggressor nation or extremist group could gain control of critical switches and derail passenger trains, or trains loaded with lethal chemicals,” Leon E. Panetta, then CIA director, warned in a speech in New York last year.

“They could contaminate the water supply in major cities or shut down the power grid across large parts of the country.”

Small attacks on various websites by the Syrian Electronic Army have shown how easily they can disrupt news or services, but if they or Iran's cyber war experts, or both working in conjunction, decide to retaliate against Obama for his decision to "punish" them for an act that even the British Parliament has decided they do not have enough hard evidence to approve joining Obama in that military attack, they could very well cripple the United States, causing an economic collapse, which is shown in the third video below.

What Does Taper, Glitches, Cyber Attacks, False Flags And War Spell----Economic Collapse!

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