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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Russia On 'War Alert' Over Syria - Is This The Beginning of World War III? (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Multiple sources are claiming that Russia has gone on a "war alert" over the possible imminent attack on Syria by the U.S, the UK and other forces.

Via the details from the video below: Russian forces also went on war alert over possible US attack on Syria - Netanyahu states: This situation cannot continue - Iran warns against US intervention in Syria - Intervention will put the globe on the brink of another world war - Possible rebel involvement in chemical weapons attack.

With recent reports that the U.S. and the UK have "sealed the deal," to attack Syria as well as concerns that the U.S. pre-approved the chemical attack that is being used as  justification for attacking Syria, the question must be asked: "Are Barack Obama and David Cameron about to instigate World War III, over a false flag chemical attack, simply because they want Syrian President Assad removed?

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