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Sunday, August 25, 2013

DHS Employee: 2008 Election Rigged For Obama (Video)

By Susan Duclos

DHS employee Ayo Kimathi, recently in the news for his "race war" preparations, can be seen in the video below from March 2013, discussing Barack Obama's gay agenda and homosexuality, but after showing ample empirical evidence to make his point, he discusses the GOP's failure to use any of it against Obama in the 2008 presidential election and concludes that is because the election was "rigged from the beginning."
He lays out his evidence by starting with the Trinity United Church of Christ, which Obama attended for decades until his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, became a liability to his presidential campaign for his anti-American rhetoric, and Trinity's "gay agenda."

Kimathi then shows a news conference given before Obama was elected, by Larry Sinclair, who claims that Obama was procuring and selling cocaine, and then engaging in consensual, homosexual sex with Sinclair on November 6th and again on November 7, 1999.

He also points out that any other politician would have these accusation used against him in any local or national election, yet the GOP did not use it against Obama, and says it is because the election was rigged.
This brings up two points.

1)  John McCain, who was the candidate against Obama in 2008, seems to be supporting Obama's actions these days and 2) Sarah Palin recent came out publicly and said the McCain campaigned "banned" her from talking about Jeremiah Wright and stated "we weren't allowed to tell the truth about who the candidate was, Barack Obama."

(Video URL  HERE)