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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Syria Attack Imminent? Doomsday Plane Spotted In Turkey (Video)

By Susan Duclos

On Tuesday The Aviationist reported that of all the signs of an imminent Syria attack, "the sighting that more than any other could give a hint that something is about to happen would be that of one or two E-6B Mercury operating somewhere between the Syria and the U.S.."

E-6s are used to relay instructions to the fleet ballistic missile submarines in case of nuclear war but also act as back ups of the four E-4Bs NAOC (National Alternate Operations Center), working as ABNCP (Airborne Command Post) platforms: in other words, in case of war, terrorist attack, armageddon etc (that’s why they are dubbed “doomsday planes”) they can direct nuclear (and conventional) forces, by receiving, verifying and relaying EAM (Emergency Action Messages).

As reported and shown on the video below, E-4Bs are also nicknamed the Doomsday Planes because they perform the same function and have the same capabilities.

Business Insider reported this morning that an E-4B was spotted on the ground in Turkey yesterday, which is between the U.S. and Syria.

Is The Aviationist right? Does the presence of the Doomsday Plane signal an imminent attack on Syria by the U.S. and allied forces?

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