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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Craigslist Ads For Crisis Actors (Stunning Videos)

By Susan Duclos

A San Diego Craigslist ad searches for "Surveillance Role Players," aka crisis actors. The ad claims to be looking to fill these positions to “support military training activities in the San Diego, Calif. region.”

The ad continues on to state: “Qualified personnel should demonstrate an established track record of conducting surveillance operations at various discretion levels, supporting surveillance training and military practical exercise training. Individuals with previous military, intelligence community and law enforcement experience are highly preferred."

(Image of the ad shown below the article)

In the first video below, it explains some recent uses of "crisis actors,"  and while real people are shown during real tragedies, when the government hires actors to roleplay, there will always be questions of what is real and what reports are being dramatized and using actors to present a picture that might not be as real as they would have you believe.

The perfect example is shown in the second video, where crisis actors are caught on film acting like they are bloody, injured and dead, in Syria and Egypt.

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