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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cannibal Pleads Guilty To Murder But Won't Go To Prison (Video)

By Susan Duclos

Alex Kinyua, a former Maryland college student who told authorities that he killed a 37-year-old man from Ghana who was staying with Kinyua's family,  and ate his heart and parts of his brain, pleaded guilty to murder " but not criminally responsible," for that murder.

It has been reported that Kinyua ranted about "human sacrifices" on Facebook before he murdered and ate his victim and while the judge expressed concern about accepting the plea, he had to accept the psychiatrists' determinations that Kinyua could not be held criminally responsible.

While sane enough to be tried, it is claimed Kinyua was not sane enough to be held responsible at the time the crime was committed, despite the planning, premeditation, disposal of the evidence as well as the body parts and having painted the room the crime occurred in.

Kinyua will not serve prison time but will instead continue to be treated at a psychiatric hospital. When and if doctors decide he is "cured", he will be let loose on society again.

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