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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Syria Rebel Admits False Flag Mass Murder (Video)

By Susan Duclos

In the video below Syrianfreepress shows an interview with a Syrian rebel who confesses to false flag mass murder attacks.The second part of the video discusses UK's Foreign Secretary William Hague and his public statements on helping the Syrian rebels (Jihadists).

Barack Obama and Hague support for the rebels aka jihadists, despite the fact that they have been attacking Christians and proclaiming their allegiance to Al Qaeda .

Many believe after seeing damning leaked emails, Obama and company are responsible for the chemical attacks against the Syrian people as a false flag provocation, conducted by the Syrian rebels, with the approval of the Obama administration, to be used as justification for U.S. military attacks against Syria.

Just today, more video proof has come out showing that it was, indeed, the Syrian rebels, the jihadists, that launched the chemical attacks that the Obama administration is claiming the Syrian regime is responsible for. Those videos are shown in an article from this morning by Beforeitsnews writer Live Free or Die.