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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Anti-War General Switches Sides

This is huge and goes to provide further conviction that the counterinsurgency strategies that have been implemented since General Petraeus took the helm in Iraq, are working better and faster than anyone imagined it would.

Maj Gen John Batiste, who once said "Mr. President, you did not listen. You continue to pursue a failed strategy that is breaking our great Army and Marine Corps. I left the Army in protest in order to speak out. Mr. President, you have placed our nation in peril. Our only hope is that Congress will act now to protect our fighting men and women", and has until recently been a member of and a vocal critic of the administrations strategies in Iraq and was also asked to leave his position at CBS for criticizing the war in Iraq, has now switched sides, and has jointly written an article in the Washington Post with Pete Hegseth, in support of victory in Iraq.

Pete, who allowed me an exclusive interview, back in August, portions of which were published in the Washington Times, is executive director of Vets For Freedom, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans that have been fighting here at home in support of victory.

Our perspectives were different, yet not as stark as the "outspoken general" and "stay-the-course supporter" labels we received. Such labels are oversimplified and inaccurate, and we are united behind a greater purpose.

It's time to discuss the way forward rather than prosecute the past. Congress must do the same, for our nation and the troops.

Hegseth and Baptiste point to five fundamental tenets they believe America must rally behind.

First, the United States must be successful in the fight against worldwide Islamic extremism.

Second, whether or not we like it, Iraq is central to that fight....

Third, the counterinsurgency campaign led by Gen. David Petraeus is the correct approach in Iraq.

Fourth, our strategy in fighting the Long War must address Iran.

Fifth, our military capabilities need to match our national strategy.

Americans must mobilize for the Long War -- bolster our strained military, galvanize industry to supply troops with what they need right now and fund the strategy with long-term solutions. We have no doubt that Americans will rally behind a call to arms.

America's veterans -- young and old -- are resolved to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. This commitment, and nothing less, should compel us to stand together, in and out of uniform. Would that Congress finds the courage to bury its pride and do the same.

Read the whole piece, because they explain, in depth, each of the five points listed above.

General Baptiste was widely quoted in the past from members of the anti-war coalition as well as on liberal blogs, newspapers and television news outlets, for his anti-war stance and was cited as being an expert for their cause.

One has to wonder if he will enjoy the same support and respect from those same members now that he has acknowledged the success and progress being seen in Iraq and has decided that America and Iraq can win.

The Weekly Standard wonders the same thing.