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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Such Peaceful, Law Abiding People Those Pro- ILLEGAL Immigrant Protesters- Starting Fires And Vandalizing Businesses

Mercury News:

A large group of protesters demonstrating at a May Day rally for worker's and immigrant rights downtown broke off into a riot vandalizing about a dozen businesses around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, police said.

Many in the group were carrying makeshift torches as they marched, breaking storefront windows and writing "anarchist graffiti" on buildings, according to Capt. Steve Clark. Many businesses sustained multiple broken windows including very large storefront windows at Urban Outfitters and The Rittenhouse building. Police believe at least 15 businesses suffered damage.

The violence was initiated from a group holding a rally at the town clock for May Day. Windows at Jamba Juice and Velvet Underground were left shattered and graffiti including anarchy signs were tagged onto buildings.
Because of the size and violent demeanor of the crowd, Santa Cruz police asked for help from all agencies in the county to break up the riot. At one point, protesters lit a fire on the porch of Caffe Pergolesi and blocked access to firefighters, officers said. Police were able to clear out the demonstrators before more damage was caused.

Certainly the way to gain sympathy for your cause.....NOT.

Funny how the report says protesting for "immigrants" rights, when the issue is ILLEGAL immigrants and the fact that criminals, which ILLEGAL immigrants are by the very act of entering the US ILLEGALLY, do not enjoy the same rights as immigrants here legally and welcomed with open arms.

Read the whole thing.