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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arizona Immigration Law Sees Rising Favorability As Does Gov. Brewer

Rasmussen reports that the new immigration law in Arizona is seeing higher favorability ratings in Arizona as well as nationally and Governor Jan Brewer has seen a 19 point bounce in popularity as well.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Arizona finds that 71% now favor the immigration law, while 24% oppose it.

In late April, the law was supported by 64% of the state’s voters and opposed by 30%

Nationally, 55% of voters favor passage of such a law in their state.

The law will also be a determining factor in how voters cast their ballots:

Unchanged from late April is the view of 87% that the new immigration law is at least somewhat important in terms of how they will vote in the next election. That includes 63% who say it’s Very Important.

Brewer's bounce:

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, following her signing and passionate defense of the new law, now claims 45% of the vote in the state’s Republican Primary field. That’s a 19-point gain from a month ago and puts her well ahead of all her challengers.

Rasmussen Reports will release new numbers pitting Brewer and the three other Republican contenders for the party’s gubernatorial nomination against likely Democratic nominee Terry Goddard tomorrow. Goddard, the state’s attorney general, opposes the new law.

In the meantime, Democratic politicians continue to misrepresent the new law publicly as well as publicly applauding the Mexican president's derogatory remarks about Arizona enforcing the law. (Hot Air has the video)

Brewer blasts Janet Napolitano and Mexican President Felipe Calderon for it, via Top of the Ticket:

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer launched a double-barrage back Thursday at President Obama's Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who took the occasion of his state visit to Washington to twice criticize the law of an American state.

“I think that’s really unfortunate," Brewer told Greta Van Susteren on the Fox News Channel. "I don’t believe he understands what the law actually says and I don’t mean that derogatory. The fact of the matter is that it prohibits racial profiling; its illegal in the state of Arizona. And racial profiling is illegal in the United States.”

Brewer added: “I’ve also heard (Calderon) say he wants a safer border. And I don’t know what the code word is in there, but for me it seems that he wants something maybe that we in America might not want.”

Brewer also addressed the admission by her gubernatorial predecessor, Napolitano, that the cabinet secretary, like Obama Atty. Gen. Eric Holder, has not actually read the state legislation they have been so heartily deriding.

“For her to say she hadn’t even read the bill that I signed," Brewer said, "is just unconscionable.”

I am liking Brewer more and more every day and she will definitely have my vote.