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Saturday, May 22, 2010

There is a Difference

About 40 years ago, George Wallace made the observation that there was not "a dime's worth of difference between the two major political parties". At the time he said that, there was a lot of truth to that statement as Michael Barone just noted in "The Golden Age of Centrism Wasn't so Golden." Well that was then and this is now and there is now a huge difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties as Michael pointed out in his piece. Nothing makes this divide clearer than the Support our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act aka SB1070 aka "that terrible/great Arizona immigration law" depending on your partisan orientation.

What you will not learn from the fifth column, aka the lame stream media, is the real history behind that bill. What you will learn from them is what the bill is NOT about, namely racial or ethnic profiling or the police demanding citizenship documentation from every Tom, Dick and Harry they see walking down the street. Obviously this bill had to be passed by the Arizona State House of Representatives and the Arizona State Senate before Governor Brewer could sign it. Needless to say, both parties are represented in the Arizona state legislature. So how did the Democrats in both houses vote on this bill? If you guessed not one single one voted for it, you are right on. Except for Senator Carolyn S. Allen (R - Scottsdale), all the Republicans who voted did vote for the bill. Perhaps the fact that she is not seeking re-election had something to do with her vote since it would have been the kiss of death if she was.

The point is that this bill was definitely a partisan issue right from the get-go. Similar bills had passed the Arizona legislature previously only to be vetoed by our then Democrat governor, Janet Napolitano. Fortunately for Arizona but unfortunately for the United States, our affirmative action President decided in his infinite wisdom that she would make a great head of the Department of Home Security. She did everything she could to stop border enforcement while governor and still manage to get elected, so now she can do the same for the rest of America. Still since Arizona does not have a Lieutenant Governor, that allowed the Republican Secretary of State to take over and finally sign this bill.

Now we have the Mexican President trashing Arizona and the Democrat President and Congress whooping it up while he does. See my piece on "A Line Has Been Crossed." Still think there is not a dimes worth of difference? The United States is rapidly being divided into two totally different countries, Blue America and Red America. In the ensuing civil war that so far is not a shooting war, the battles are raging across guess where? That's right, it is being waged in the battleground states aka the Purple States. Soon those states are going to have to decide which side they are joining. It would appear that the upcoming elections will be the time of that decision because the Red States are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore from the socialists masquerading as Democrats.

Just today, the head of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement threatened not to process any aliens aka illegal immigrants that the state of Arizona turns over to federal authorities under the new Arizona law. The "hammer" aka Charles Krauthammer takes John Morton of the ICE to the woodshed for his arrogance. But in the meantime, what are we in Arizona supposed to do? Under our system of government, the federal government is supposed to "provide for our common defense." Arizona is being invaded by an army from the country to its south. That fact that they are not wearing uniforms is beside the point. Many of them are carrying assault weapons though and shooting Arizonans who get in their way.

The federal government is forcing us to defend ourselves. In that case why are we paying taxes to the federal government? On top of that, we have cities in a neighboring state attempting to boycott our state in violation of the Constitution. On the west we have the Peoples Republic of Mexifornia and on the east we have New Mexico which might as well secede and join the the United States of Mexico as its name implies. That state has already been overrun by Mexico since Hispanics were almost a majority there in 2000 (44.5%). No doubt the 2010 census will show they are a majority. That leaves us only with Utah that can be considered friendly.

What are the Democrats trying to force us to do? Do they want Arizonans to secede and form our own country? We are running out of options, folks, and this is beyond serious. The federal government has not only abandoned us but is trying to force us into bankruptcy by being burdened with 460,000 people who do not belong here. They do not pay taxes and they chew up social services at an alarming rate. Yet more of this invading army pour across our border every day to applause of the Democrats everywhere. Democrats in other states and cities are trying to impose sanctions on us as if we were a pariah like Iran. We will soon be forced to fight back as we will have no other choice. Why should we send 27.4% of the power generated in our state at the Palo Verde nuclear power plant to Southern California when they are imposing sanctions on us?

Perhaps we should behave like Mexico and just expropriate the 5.7% of that plant owned by the city of Los Angeles Power and Water Department to the State of Arizona since that city has threatened us with what is essentially an act of war. If you think the citizens of Arizona where 71% of us approve of our immigration law are going to go quietly into the night, you have a new think coming. We will not tolerate this crap much longer so I would advise the Democrats to back off before the manure really hits the wind powered turbine.