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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big Primary Day In Arkansas, Kentucky, Oregon And Pennsylvania

Latest update bumped to top with a link to the RESULTS to the primary races already called.

Original post below:

The Politico with "What to watch in Tuesday's primaries"

Just four states go to the polls Tuesday, but together they cast a long shadow.

It’s the biggest single-day primary so far in 2010, and the outcomes in a handful of key races will provide the clearest indication yet of the depth and intensity of the anti-incumbent fever that is shaping the midterm elections.

The most closely watched battles will be in Pennsylvania, where Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter is in serious danger of losing the seat he has held for three decades to two-term Rep. Joe Sestak, and in Arkansas, where Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln is seeking to fend off Lt. Gov. Bill Halter.

Kentucky’s GOP Senate race is expected to provide a measure of grassroots conservative populist strength — not to mention anti-establishment sentiment — with party favorite Secretary of State Trey Grayson playing the unexpected role of underdog in his matchup against tea party-backed physician Rand Paul.

The western Pennsylvania-based special election for the seat of the late Democratic Rep. John Murtha, meanwhile, will provide a crucial barometer of the popularity of President Barack Obama’s ambitious Democratic agenda.

And that’s not all. The primary-day agenda also includes a slate of notable House primaries in Pennsylvania, while in Arkansas, where three of the state’s four congressmen are not seeking reelection, voters will select nominees in three open-seat races.

They go on to explain what to watch for.

Others to read during the day:

FiveThirtyEight watches Arkansas with "Ideology, Geography and Race: Arkansas Senate Primary Preview."

The polling in this race has consistently shown Lincoln to be in deep trouble in the general election and some peril in the primary after Halter jumped in on March 1. The latest poll, from DKos/R2K, has her down 54/40 against Boozman (and with a 39/55 favorable/unfavorable ratio); in early May Mason-Dixon had her trailing him 52/35; and a late April Rasmussen survey showed Lincoln down 28 points (57/29). Indeed, the sense that she was getting a little toasty had as much to do as ideology with Halter's entry into the race. Meanwhile, she's rarely topped 50% against Halter. The latest DKos/R2K survey had her at 46% against Halter's 36%, with 6% going to conservative Democrat D.C. Morrison and 11% undecided.

Read the rest of that one also.

On to The Fix with "Incumbent Armageddon?: What to watch for."

Welcome to the biggest primary day of the 2010 cycle! Voters are voting in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Arkansas and Oregon. We'll have full coverage throughout the day (and night) right here on the Fix but in the meantime here's five storylines to keep an eye on today and beyond.

You know the drill..go read the rest.

Fox News with "Primary Votes Test Obama, Republicans, Tea Party"

Today, while not conclusive no matter the results, will at least show the start of whatever pattern the 2010 elections are going to take.

Stay tuned for more......

[Update] NYT with "Pennsylvania Race May Show Democrats Which Way Midterm Winds Blow"

Wapo with "Primaries may help foreshadow November elections"

[Update #2] AmSpec with "'Out in Force' in Pennsylvania'

Our friends at Move America Forward are behind Burns in this one.

Debbie Lee came all the way from Arizona to campaign for Tim Burns. She was "deployed" to western Pennsylvania on behalf of Moving America Forward, a pro-military organization "committed to supporting America's efforts to defeat terrorism," and she brought with her a $5,000 check for the Burns campaign from the group's political action committee.

Primary linkfest to be continued.........