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Friday, May 21, 2010

A Line Has Been Crossed

I do not know about you, but to me a line was crossed yesterday that should never have been crossed by any American no matter what their political views may be. All of us have friends, neighbors, clients and sometimes even family members whose political views are diametrically opposed to our own. You just do not discuss politics with them because you know that it will just cause an argument and hard feelings. Just because they have political views that you consider totally unbelievable does not make them "bad" people, misguided perhaps, but certainly not bad. That has always been my point of view but the events of yesterday has caused me to call this view into question.

All of us have some line we draw in the sand that other people should not cross because if they do, you simply will no longer have anything to do with them and that even extends to family members. Where that line is drawn varies from individual to individual and just exactly how serious the offense is that someone commits against you. Most of us never are pushed to the point of having to decide that an entire group of people have crossed that line because almost every definable group of people has some nice people and some not so nice people in it. Indeed, some groups of people have totally evil people in it but that does not usually mean that everyone in that group is evil.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Adherents of jihadistism comes to mind as a collection of truly evil people. It does not matter how much they were brainwashed into becoming a jihadist. Mere membership in the group makes them evil. Then there are groups of people who may be only misguided but that still might make them very dangerous and people you want nothing to do with any more. This is because their views are so misguided that if their views become accepted by a majority of people, you will be personally adversely affected. That is what happened yesterday.

Even though I have always considered myself to be a Republican, I have occasionally voted for some Democrats when the Republican candidate was not up to what I thought being a Republican was all about. Well, that will never happen again. For Democrat members to stand up and give a foreign leader a standing ovation when he trashes our country is not only beyond the pale, but they have as a group crossed my line in the sand. At this point any elected Republican has to be a better deal than any elected Democrat at any level of government. Even so called RINO Republicans are a better bet than any Democrat no matter how conservative they claim to be. At least they all voted against Obamacare.

This is particularly true of members of the House of Representatives. Once a Democrat is elected to the House this coming November, what will his or her first vote in Congress be when seated in January? They will vote for Nancy Pelosi for not just Speaker of the House but to be third in line to become President of the United States should some jihadist take out both Obama and Biden at the same time. A Republican elected to the House will not vote for Nancy Pelosi. I saw that witch enthusiastically applauding the President of Mexico when he was trashing my state of Arizona. I have always been opposed to her politics but never really considered her evil, just unbelievably misguided.

It has been a standing rule of politics to never question the patriotism of any elected official. You might oppose them but at least they are fellow Americans who will stand up for America. Those days are over for me. I now come right out and declare that the President of the United States, all his appointees and every last Democrat member of Congress are just plain flat out unpatriotic. The only way such individuals can get off my list of unpatriotic officials will be to demonstrate that they sat on their hands in Congress when the President of Mexico dumped on not only my country but my state as well since I live in Arizona. Some actions are just plain not to be tolerated and that action is definitely one of them.

That only leaves one question. Why isn't every last red blooded American as royally pissed off as I am? How can any patriotic American support these scumbag traitors? Even if you are a Democrat, aren't you an American first and foremost? How could you possibly vote to re-elect someone who will not even stand up for our country? It has come to the point where I am ready to question the patriotism of anyone who supports these Democrats. I have still not recovered from the fact that Jane Fonda was never charged with treason for what she did in Hanoi. Obviously no one will be convicted of treason ever again after she got away with that. Jane Fonda was a traitor and so what does that make President Obama and the Democrat members of Congress who applauded yesterday since most of them undoubtedly agreed with Jane Fonda? One thing is for sure, they certainly are not patriots.