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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Illegal Immigration- Applause For Miss Oklamhoma For Supporting State's Rights

Hat Tip Bill O'Reilly for the video.

A couple points here, first she is clear that she is a "huge believer" in state's rights, against illegal immigration and against racial profiling.

Not easy to answer a loaded question that misstates and misrepresents the actual law but she did it and did it well.

Notice as Nunez asks his question, he deliberately neglects to mention that in order to check ID's, police must first be stopping or detaining the person for another legal reason.

Anyone that thinks he deliberately didn't misstate the law is a fool, that or he like so many others spewing about the law, simply hasn't read it.

Secondly, the contrast from our politicians and Obama administration officials applauding the Mexican President for denigrating Arizona law and Americans applauding Miss Oklahoma for supporting it, is astounding.... once again Congress shows that they refuses to do the job they were elected to do and represent the people of America, to which an overwhelming majority nationally, support Arizona's right and obligation to protect their own state when the federal government has failed to do so by enforcing federal laws.

Americans vs Congress

In the end it is Americans that will decide who stays and who goes from congress and it is about time the political leadership remembered that because in November, voters are going to make it loud and clear that they work for us, we don't work for them.

"Remember November"