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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vets for Freedom Calls on Richard Blumenthal to Apologize to Real Vietnam Veterans

Via an email with the Vets For Freedom press release in response to Richard Blumenthal's repeated misrepresentation of his military record and service.

May 18, 2010

(202) 338-4070

Washington, DC – Pete Hegseth, Iraq War veteran and Executive Director of Vets for Freedom, released the following statement regarding Connecticut Attorney General and current Senate candidate, Richard Blumenthal’s misrepresentation of his service in Vietnam:

“On behalf of Vets for Freedom—and our over 100,000 members—we call on Richard Blumenthal to apologize to Vietnam veterans for misrepresenting his service. He never set foot in a combat zone—even though he gladly perpetuated the politically-expedient perception that he had—and should apologize to real Vietnam combat veterans for this gross violation of honor.

“After the New York Times exposed his real service record, Mr. Blumenthal remained defiant at his rebuttal press conference, saying he takes “full responsibility” for the statements, yet refuses to apologize. Mr. Blumenthal also claims he merely “misspoke” on a few occasions, and did so unknowingly. As a combat veteran of Iraq, I find this very hard to believe. All veterans know what they did and where they were. There’s a big difference between the battlefield and your hometown.

“We thank Mr. Blumenthal for his Reserve service and his support for veterans. However, neither of those facts change the reality that he repeatedly lied about his military record for political gain. Mr. Blumenthal should apologize, and should start with his fellow Connecticut Senate candidate Rob Simmons, who served 19 months on the ground in Vietnam, earning two Bronze Stars. Mr. Simmons is a real combat veteran, and his record actually back it up."

You can find out more about Vets For Freedom at their website.