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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The 'YouCut' Project From The GOP

I actually like this idea.

House Republicans will launch a project Wednesday in which they will offer bills to eliminate spending programs that Americans vote online to cut.

House GOP Whip Eric Cantor (Va.) will unveil the project, called "YouCut," which will combine Republicans' push for spending cuts with attempts toward online engagement.

People can vote online or through text message on a list of five proposals to reduce types of spending, on which House Republicans will then force a vote in the House the following week.

"People will have the power and the ability to make Congress consider votes that will save people money with the click of a button or a simple text message," said Brad Dayspring, a spokesman for Cantor.

The project, which Cantor will unveil in a Wednesday afternoon press conference, is being promoted by the GOP as a first-of-its-kind effort at engagement between lawmakers and constituents.

About time our politicians realize that they work for us and not the other way around, and act appropriately.