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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Obama To Deploy National Guard To Border As 'Token' Show Of Border Enforcement

The White House has announced they will deploy 1,200 out of the 6,000 national guard requested, along the border in a token show of doing the government's job of securing the border.

Arizona officials have been requesting at least 6,000 and polls from a variety of organizations have all shown an overwhelming majority of Americans siding with Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona when she signed into law the new immigration law stating that police would be enforcing federal law on illegal immigration and making it against state law to be in the state of Arizona illegally.

3 out of 4 Americans also did not believe the government was doing enough to secure our borders.

Obama criticized that law, but obviously has heard the message Americans sent in those polls because now he making a show of sending a portion of the troops requested to actually enforce federal laws.

Amazingly enough, Brewers words when she first signed this law, come back to haunt Obama:

"We cannot sacrifice our safety to the murderous greed of drug cartels," Brewer said. "We cannot stand idly by as drophouses, kidnappings and violence compromise our quality of life."--- Jan Brewer

"Respect for the rule of law means respect for every law," said Brewer, a Republican. "People across America are watching Arizona.

"We in Arizona have been more than patient waiting for Washington to act," Brewer added. "But decades of inaction and misguided policy have created a dangerous and unacceptable situation."

The New York Times, of all papers, proves Brewer, McCain, Kyl and the majority of American's right, when they go over the numbers of the last time a President, George Bush, sent 6,000 troops to the border to help secure it.

From 2006 to 2008, President George W. Bush made a larger deployment of Guard troops under a program called Operation Jump Start. At its peak, 6,000 Guard troops at the border helped build roads and fences in addition to backing up law enforcement officers.

Those Guard troops contributed to the arrest of more than 162,000 illegal immigrants, the rescue of 100 people stranded in the desert and the seizure of $69,000 in cash and 305,000 pounds of illicit drugs.

1,200 troops is but a drop in the bucket to what is needed to secure our borders, nothing more than a token public relation show by Obama ahead of the November elections and a bargaining chip so that Democrats can write some type of immigration reform where they plan to offer amnesty to criminals that have broken our laws and come to this country illegally, hoping his little "show" will garner him bipartisan support for amnesty.

In his meeting with lawmakers on Tuesday, Mr. Obama said improving border security alone would not reduce illegal immigration and reiterated that a reworking of the immigration system could not be achieved without more Republican support.

Does he really think Americans are so stupid as to believe this is anything more than a political maneuver?

If Obama was serious about actually enforcing federal laws and securing the border, he would have sent the 6,000 requested with the offer of more where they are needed to get the job done.

-He also would have back Brewer and Arizona for their courage in doing the job the government has refused to do, instead of letting his administration officials criticize the law at the same time as publicly admitting they never read the actual bill.

-He would have stated loud and clear that those that enter this country illegally would be sent back where they came from and if they wanted to live in American they could come through the front door, not sneak in the back illegally and breaking our laws.

He has done none of that, so this token public relations show is nothing more than an obvious ploy to help his dwindling approval ratings which have hit the lowest point since he took office.