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Friday, May 21, 2010

Tennessee Tea Party Refuses To Cower To Islamic Extremists

Star Tribune:

Tea party organizers will not drop a speaker from a Tennessee convention this weekend despite calls from a national Muslim rights group that considers her anti-Islamic.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations had urged that Pamela Geller be cut from the Tennessee Tea Party Convention in Gatlinburg over her views on Muslims. Washington-based CAIR said in a release Thursday that it objects to Pamela Geller's presentation titled "The Threat of Islam."

Convention organizer Anthony Shreeve said in an e-mail Friday that Geller will speak despite those concerns.

"We will not follow any request from CAIR," Shreeve said. "We also believe in the right to freedom of speech as given to us by our U.S. Constitution."

Pamela Geller blogs at Atlas Shrugs and I read it often and agree with most of Geller's stances, although not every single thing, after all we are not all robots and disagreement is natural when people agree in basic themes but don't run hip to hip in individual ideas... that is why we are all individuals.

With that said, Geller is undoubtedly proud to be American and has very real concerns about the threat of Islamic extremism and works with every tool she has available to fight it at every level.

The Tea Party has shown here they will not cower to Islamic extremists and will fight for the right of freedom of speech, unlike others, just one example being Comedy Central who caved in the face of threats from Islamic extremists, in the whole Mohammed fiasco with the South Park show.

Kudos to the Tenn. Tea Party organizers.