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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Big Lie In ABC News' Headline, Confusing ILLEGAL Immigrants With Immigrants Here Legally defines illegal as:

1. forbidden by law or statute.

2. contrary to or forbidden by official rules, regulations, etc.: The referee ruled that it was an illegal forward pass.

3. Informal. illegal alien.

1. unlawful; illegitimate; illicit; unlicensed. Illegal, unlawful, illegitimate, illicit, criminal can all describe actions not in accord with law. Illegal refers most specifically to violations of statutes or, in organized athletics, codified rules: an illegal seizure of property; an illegal block (in football). Unlawful means not sanctioned by or according to law: an unlawful claim to the inheritance; to take unlawful advantage of the trading situation. Illegitimate means lacking legal or traditional right or rights: an illegitimate child; illegitimate use of privileged knowledge. Illicit, which originally meant simply “not permitted,” now most often applies to matters regulated by law with specific emphasis on the way things are carried out: illicit conversion of property; an illicit attempt to control the market. Criminal most often refers to violation of the statutes of penal as opposed to civil law. All felonies are criminal as are all crimes sometimes punishable by death such as murder, arson, and kidnapping: a criminal act.

It is very simple, either people are here in the USA legally and are welcome immigrants, or they are here ILLEGALLY and should be deported.

Period. Black and white. Simple.

ABC news headlines with "Immigrant Students Face Deportation After Protest at McCain Arizona Office."

The lie of the blaring headline is easily seen in the sub-header which reads "Undocumented Student Activists Press Lawmakers for Action on Dream Act."

Undocumented is political-speak for ILLEGAL, as the actual article continues on to state.

Abdollahi, 24, and two other illegal immigrant students dressed in blue graduation caps and gowns Monday staged a sit-in at the Tucson, Ariz., offices of Sen. John McCain, who has withheld support for legislation that would give conditional path to citizenship for Adbollahi and thousands of immigrants brought here illegally at a young age.

Instead of harassing John McCain and politicians about the "DreamAct", these children of ILLEGAL immigrants who are in this country ILLEGALLY and facing deportation because of their audacity in thinking it was alright to flaunt the fact that they are ILLEGAL aliens, publicly, in a protest at McCain's office, these folks should look to their parents who brought them here ILLEGALLY and in over a decade, who never bothered to remedy their ILLEGAL status.

Parents bring their children to the America ILLEGALLY and yet those children grow up thinking they are entitled to legal status just because their parents managed to get them onto our land and lived here in America ILLEGALLY for over a decade?

There are no easy remedies for these children of ILLEGAL immigrants. Their parents have put them in an untenable situation, but to expect citizens of the United States of America and/or LEGAL residents to rectify a CRIME their parents committed, is unreasonable.

Should we offer amnesty to those in this country ILLEGALLY, then it would be tantamount to issuing an open invitation to all, to simply steal their way across our border, hide from authorities, steal identities or whatever they have to do in order to live without being arrested, because the impression, correctly so if DreamAct gets passed, would be that if they do all that, they will get their amnesty and not be prosecuted for their crimes nor deported.

Criminals should never be given free reign to commit crimes with a promise of never having to pay for their crimes.

I now live in Arizona, which has become a hot button state in the fight against illegal immigration, those coming here illegally, and not to be misrepresented or confused with those that have done their due diligence and come here LEGALLY looking for a better life for themselves and their families, should be deported and told in no uncertain terms to use the front door next time.

Information is readily available at Immigration Direct, on how to apply for U.S. citizenship.

Come legally or don't come at all. This is Arizona's message and other states are drafting their own bills and laws to address this issue since our Government has chosen to not enforce their own laws, states must do so at a local level.

Take these facts into account:

While the correlation between illegal immigrants and crime is almost impossible to quantify precisely, the available numbers indicate that Arizona -- as well as California and Texas -- are dealing with increased crime as a result of high illegal immigrant populations and activity.

Part of this is because some of those immigrants are being arrested based on immigration-related charges. A Pew Hispanic Center report last year said "increased enforcement" of immigration laws accounts for part of the trend.

But there are other crimes, many of which are drug-related. Furthermore, illegal immigrants and smuggling organizations have been linked to some specific violent crimes in Arizona. Local officials frequently cite the rash of kidnappings in their state in defending the new law. The Department of Justice's latest National Drug Threat Assessment says there were 267 kidnappings in Phoenix last year and 299 in 2008. The report said the victims usually have a connection to immigrant smuggling groups or drug traffickers.

The report also showed that assaults against U.S. law enforcement on the southwestern border are on the rise. The report found that the number of attacks on Border Patrol agents increased 46 percent to 1,097 incidents in fiscal 2008. The report said the assaults were mostly related to immigrant smuggling.

Together, Arizona, California and Texas are now home to 4.7 million of the 11 million illegal immigrants the Department of Homeland Security estimates are in the country.

Other states with high illegal immigrant populations -- like Illinois -- do not have a lot of illegal immigrant prisoners. Federal statistics show the illegal immigrant population is actually underrepresented in Illinois prisons.

But a comprehensive study released late last year from the Center for Immigration Studies cited federal law enforcement data showing that illegal immigrants made up a disproportionate share of the state prison populations in California and Arizona.

In 2004, the year when the data was most recently available, 12.4 percent of California prisoners were illegal immigrants, as compared with an estimated 6.9 percent of the state population. In Arizona, 11.1 percent of the prison population was undocumented, compared with 7 percent of the overall state population. In Texas, the percentage was also slightly higher in the prisons than it was statewide.

A Government Accountability Office study from 2005 also found that most illegal immigrant arrests were happening in California, Texas and Arizona. The study sampled a prison population of more than 55,000 illegal immigrants, and found that 80 percent of all the arrests were in those three states.

Eventually people, especially those that deal with the ramifications of the crimes associated with illegal immigration, have to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.