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Saturday, May 15, 2010


(Sketch by Lars Vilks of Mohammed as a dog- Via NewsBusters)

Via Ace and Hot Air, the video below shows an attack on Lars Vilks, the Mohammed cartoonist. You can read Ace and Allahpundit's reactions for yourself at their site. My reaction is a tad different and my commentary will be after the video.

It is 11 minutes, watch the whole thing.

Islamic Thugs Out Of Control.

Allahpundit finds it depressing, Reason's Mark Goldblatt is infuriated and Ace gets the major hat tips for his awesome headline.

Myself, I think Vilks got exactly what he wanted.... no, not deserved, but wanted. I think he wanted people to see what radical Islamics look like when they are out of control. I think he wants people to understand the danger those radicals represent and words, research and secondhand accounts are not making it clear enough, so he uses himself, endangers himself, in order to allow everyone to see the truth for themselves.

At the end of the clip, when thuggery wins out and they stop the presentation officially, one brave girl screams, "this is not freedom of speech" and the crowd once again get angry and starts booing her.

Vilks has faced threats on his life and attacks since his controversial Mohammed cartoon portraying the Prophet Muhammad as a dog, the most recent being today, when his house was fire bombed.

His message is clear, we are expected to tolerate any offense in the name of free speech, yet people cower and give up that right when faced with radical Islamics.

He will not cower.

Mark Goldblatt, from Reason:

When Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was murdered for producing a short movie critical of Islam’s treatment of women in 2004, where were the public screenings of the film? When Muslims in several countries rioted against pen and ink images of Muhammad printed in a Danish newspaper in 2005, where were the public billboards of those sketches? And when the creators of South Park trotted out the Prophet in a ridiculous bear costume, and received death threats in return, where were the mass-produced tee shirts of that image?

I’ll take a size-medium, cotton if possible, and I’ll wear it in Times Square.

Since 2001, many Americans have asked how they can contribute in a direct way to the war against totalitarian Islam. Now we have an answer. If it’s legal, and likely to offend the radicals, just do it. That seems straightforward enough. But how many of us will have the nerve to stand up to a million or so Muslim dirtbags, and to scores of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, of their fellow travelers and psychic enablers, and say in unison, “You want to kill the Enlightenment, you’re going to have to come through me.”

I agree Mark. My small contribution and a show of solidarity with Vilks and the right of free speech, no matter how offensive and to whom.

I am hunting the video that was being shown when the radical Islamic thugs lost control, if anyone finds it, contact me, I will post it here.

The Jawa Report has the film... go watch.