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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Trashing of Arizona

This is the third article in our ongoing series of articles about the rapidly deteriorating situation in Arizona as a result of the abandonment of this state by the federal government. Our first article, A Line Has Been Crossed, detailed how the President of Mexico figuratively trashed Arizona in the United States Congress to the raucous approval of the elected and appointed Democrats present. El Presidente Calderon actually admitted that it was "his" people who composed the army invading Arizona. No doubt his folks invading Arizona are really just a bunch of tourists because they are too thrilled with the fabulous job he is doing running his own third world hell hole to actually want to permanently leave it.

The second article, There is a Difference, detailed how illegal immigration has been a partisan issue all along and Arizona has been bearing the brunt of the Democrats' wrath for daring to try and do what the federal government will not. It also pointed out that Arizona is actually being invaded by a partially armed army from a foreign country. Like all invading armies, it tends to lay waste the territory it invades. General Sherman's march through Georgia is such an example. Laying waste is primarily a historical term but the modern term is to trash a country.

Today we are offering pictorial proof that this invading army is literally trashing Arizona. You need to see what is really happening in Southern Arizona to get a real grasp of what is going on.

Looking back down the invading army path

Further down the path south of Tucson

Notice the some of the 5,000 backpacks discarded

Used baby diapers are an evironmental hazard

The track heads towards Tucson

On the way to Tucson

H/t to Dr. Sam Nigro for pictures

No doubt you are wondering about the dead silence from the Environmental Protection Agency or the Sierra Club. Oh wait, this is a red state and not a blue state. Liberal Democrat cities like New Orleans count but conservative Republican cities like Nashville do not. If a Republican President is not Johnny on the spot in a place like New Orleans, there will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth in the fifth column that passes for news media in America. But in the home of that uniquely American country music in a red state, all it gets is a yawn when Obama does not even mention that a terrible disaster has struck that city let alone ever doing anything about it. Oh wait, he is a Socialist Democrat so that is okay.

Oh well, the next strong rain will fill this wash and dump some of this trash into the Santa Rita river and return it back to Mexico from whence it came. No doubt the El Presidente Calderon will file a formal protest with Obama about the state of Arizona dumping its trash in Mexico which will result in a major summit meeting with much posturing and pointing more fingers of blame on hapless Arizona.

Look at these pictures and then tell us beleaguered Arizonans that the term invading army is too strong a term. Over 5,000 backpacks on this one trail does not an army make? In military terms, isn't that about the size of a regiment? But this is just one of many such sites in Southern Arizona. Don't several regiments make up a division? If an heavily armed division of uniformed soldiers invaded the United States wouldn't our military rush to repel the invaders? Okay, only the drug runners and coyotes are armed with assault weapons like AK-47's.

That weapon is not used to hunt deer, just ranchers and deputy sheriffs. Oh, by the way, El Presidente, the AK-47 is a communist weapon and is not manufactured in Arizona so the ending of the assault weapons ban in the United States had diddly squat to do with the influx of such weapons into Mexico. Those AK-47's are being brought into Arizona from Mexico and not the other way around. On the other hand, there are arms manufacturers in Arizona. In fact, Sturm, Ruger & Co has a plant just a few miles from my home so at least we will have something to shoot back with should push come to shove.

So listen up El Presidente and get your own act put together.
This is a red state where guns are still legal and not a blue state where only the police and criminals have them. Arizona is an open carry state and now you do not even need a permit to carry a concealed weapon here starting July 28th. You know why the Arizona legislature passed SB1108 repealing the law requiring a permit and Governor Brewer signed it? Know why it takes effect the same day as our new immigration law that you are so upset about? Look in the mirror for a clue.