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Monday, November 30, 2009

Wasn't a Law Just Passed?

This should be a hate crime, according to "them". After all, he was called a "nigger", so said by witnesses, by the SEIU thugs, while, and before they beat him. Obama has touted being very close SEIU for years. Who should be outraged? I am for one, he, (Gladney), is one of us. Obama should be frothing at the mouth! But he is not.......Is black stopping at the white House? Or do only Liberal Blacks deserve the Law, and Thunder from Obama? Such as Harvard Professor Gates? Barack, first name basis, I am starting to wonder about you. Where is the outrage? No Black Panthers counting coup?

Read all the comments......

Maybe the Law does not apply to Right Wing Extremist Blacks, Uncle Toms, passing out a simple flag. I forgot to read the bill. Misdemeanor my ass! Maybe I need the needle in my temple, then I too, can conform. Naw..I am who I am, Proud Conservative American!


Disclaimer: I am not politically correct. Get over it. Kenneth Gladney is a hero, and a patriot!