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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obamacare- 3 Democrats To Call

Harry Reid is going to try to wheel and deal to get 3 Democratic Senators who are not on board with his Obamacare proposal to vote for the procedural motion which will allow his version of the bill to proceed.

Senator Ben Nelson, Democrat of Nebraska, says he is not sure he is ready to help a Democratic health care proposal clear even the most preliminary hurdle: gaining the 60 votes his party’s leaders need to open debate on the measure later this week.

Two of his fellow Democrats, Senators Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, are proving tough sells as well, raising the prospect that one or perhaps all three of them could scuttle the bill before the fight over it even begins on the Senate floor.

Reid's House of cards depends on those three and both Independents in the Senate.

Though he lacks 60 firm commitments, Mr. Reid said Tuesday that he remained cautiously optimistic that he could get the Senate’s 58 Democrats and 2 independents to vote to thwart a filibuster on what is known as a motion to proceed, the initial step in any debate.

While Reid is focusing on the three Democrats, he is ignoring the very clear statements from Joseph Lieberman, one of the two Independents, saying he will not vote for Reid's proposal if it includes the public option. Period.

Lieberman will join with Republicans in their filibuster.

Unless Reid can pull a Republican or two over to his side of the political arena, he must have Lieberman, Nelson, Landrieu and Lincoln.

Time to start making calls folks.

Senator Ben Nelson- (202) 224-6551 Contact page online here.

Senator Mary L. Landrieu- (202)224-5824 Contact page online here.

Senator Blanche Lincoln- (202)224-4843 Contact page online here.

No time like the present folks to have your voices heard.