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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lou Dobbs and Others

I saw Lou Dobbs on O'Reilly last night, not quite the man I thought he was. He shares some of my values. Well, I'm watching O'Reilly again, and look what turns up? Was this man despised by us? Or despised by Liberals? Or, was he just an old man, needing to be replaced?

This is from a date I can remember, my birthday. Seems this was not an instantaneous decision by Dobbs.

FOX News has pretty much taken over cable news. 4 times the viewers of all the rest combined. Balanced is the key. I am not a birther. That can be proved with the same simple question Dobbs asked. Show the Certificate? This could have all been averted. Now, CNN, and Others, throw Lou know where. Oh, he was against Illegal Immigration, so am I! Under the bus Lou! CNN isn't balanced, or even standing on one leg.