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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Several Selected Shorts

Oh heck! He is going to talk about the Tea Parties again! Yep, and some other ditties in the News.

First off, the Dayton area "organizations", including several community offshoots, are holding another "Health Care " protest this Saturday. I-75 and Hiway 41 for anyone close and interested. We are going to be there from 10 AM till 2 PM, waving our Flags and showing our home made banners. SEIU and Acorn, wouldn't provide us with professional ones. Any way, I will stake my Gadsden Flag in the ground, and cruise around with my trusty Nikon, snapping a few photos I will share later. (btw, that picture,^, makes a great desktop background)

Fox News and The President:

Reported earlier, Fox News was granted an interview with President Barack Hussein Obama, Mmm......tempting...., during his Asian tour. This guy is bigger than Kid Rock! Well, it may have gone afoul, before it was even planned. From Politico:

Hoffman still gains in 23rd race? Not so fast....:

Although all of the votes are not in, it seems, still an unsurmountable task to win. And some legallity issues. Politico again:

Biden runs over Pedestrian:

Well, not him, but apparently his Motorcade did. Biden was not in the car. Rumor has it, he was late, and they left without him.

There is another story about the TERRORIST, being charged with murder in Texas. To be tried in Military tribunal. Maybe he will see his virgins after all. I won't even link to it. Disgusts me.

Finally, some Patriotic views from The Heritage Foundation. "Why the Constitution Matters". Great read, and great viewing.

Now to get out all of my Good Luck charms. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. I am on guard. Skeez