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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fort Hood, Hasan And The Warning Signals

One has to wonder, as more news comes out about Nidal M. Hasan, the shooter of Fort Hood who cold bloodedly murdered his fellow soldiers in the name of Allah, if anything would have been done differently had he carried a sign announcing his intentions.

The Washington Post:

As a senior-year psychiatric resident at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Maj. Nidal M. Hasan was supposed to make a presentation on a medical topic of his choosing as a culminating exercise of the residency program.

Instead, in late June 2007, he stood before his supervisors and about 25 other mental health staff members and lectured on Islam, suicide bombers and threats the military could encounter from Muslims conflicted about fighting in the Muslim countries of Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a copy of the presentation obtained by The Washington Post.

"It's getting harder and harder for Muslims in the service to morally justify being in a military that seems constantly engaged against fellow Muslims," he said in the presentation.

"It was really strange," said one staff member who attended the presentation and spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the investigation of Hasan. "The senior doctors looked really upset" at the end. These medical presentations occurred each Wednesday afternoon, and other students had lectured on new medications and treatment of specific mental illnesses.

An Army spokesman said Monday night he was unaware of the presentation, and a Walter Reed spokesman declined to comment. It is unclear whether anyone in attendance reported the briefing to counterintelligence or law enforcement authorities whose job it is to identify threats from within the military ranks.

More from another Washington Post piece:

Maj. Nidal M. Hasan corresponded by e-mail late last year and this year with a radical cleric in Yemen who has criticized the United States for waging war against Muslims, but the contact did not lead to an investigation, federal law enforcement officials said Monday.

The New York Times:

Intelligence agencies intercepted communications last year and this year between the military psychiatrist accused of shooting to death 13 people at Fort Hood, Tex., and a radical cleric in Yemen known for his incendiary anti-American teachings.

But the federal authorities dropped an inquiry into the matter after deciding that the messages from the psychiatrist, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, did not suggest any threat of violence and concluding that no further action was warranted, government officials said Monday.

They "concluded" wrong, obviously.

Even his business card was a glaring warning sign, via Michelle Malkin who points us to Pamela Geller.

“SOA” stands for Soldiers of Allah. “SWT” is a related Muslim acronym: Pamela Geller explains another red flag ignored.

How many signs, warnings and red flags did the military need to be able to see this man was a danger?

Pete Hoekstra, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee is insisting all documents pertaining to the massacre be released to Congress.

"At some point, it becomes necessary for us, as a nation, to address the uncomfortable threat of homegrown terrorism and radicalism, and Congress has an obligation to review how federal agencies are handling and disseminating information related to the threat," Hoekstra, R-Holland, said in statement Monday.

On Thursday, Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan reportedly opened fire at Fort Hood's Soldier Readiness Processing Center, killing 13 and wounding 31.

Hoekstra's sent a letter, dated Saturday, requesting that information regarding the Killeen, Texas, shootings be preserved and sent to the heads of the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency and to Dennis Blair, director of national intelligence.

In the letter, Hoekstra said he'd become aware of information that serious issues exist with the performance of U.S. intelligence agencies in connection with what appears to have been a terrorism-related attack.

"I believe members of the full committee on a bipartisan basis will want to scrutinize the intelligence relevant to this attack, what the agencies in possession of that intelligence did with it, who was and wasn't informed and why, and what steps America's intelligence agencies are taking in light of what they know," he said.

He accused the Obama administration of not being forthcoming with information about Hasan.

"President Obama said people should not jump to conclusions about what happened at Fort Hood, but the administration is in possession of critical information related to the attack that they are refusing to release to Congress or the American people," Hoekstra said.

The hell with Congress, I want to see them. Every American should be entitled to know why each and every agency, including the military, did nothing about this man before he murdered, maimed and injured all those people at Fort Hood.