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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Why can't some just say what it is? You have a man of Muslim faith, talking to Al Queda via E Mail, whether or not he shouted anything at all. It is what it is people. Homeland Terrorism. Bottom line! Take political correctness, and shove it!

It happened on Obamas' watch, therefore all avenues of anything but, the "T" word, gets explored. GWB had no qualms at all of labeling a Terrorist as what it is! David Corn of Politics Today says we are exploiting. David Corn is an idiot! Not a politically correct word such as uninformed, just a plain idiot!

Gunman? Bad childhood? Post/Pre Syndrome? HE IS A TERRORIST! He brought guns meant to do major damage to an enemy in close quarters! He killed our Soldiers of honor, with premeditation, on our own Army base! TERRORIST! Hasan, professed Muslim, could not be deployed to kill his own. He could also not claim Conscientious Objection, since his religion teaches killing.

That isn't hard to see. My 11 year old Grand daughter said the same thing. She just said he was a Terrorist. Uninformed but smart enough to see reality.

If you have a problem calling something what it is, you may be afraid of truth, and what you will be thought of. No links, no pictures, it is what it is, and I hate that phrase! You call him a Gunman? I call you an idiot! (Can you tell I am a bit miffed)Updated: pissed off!

God bless our Soldiers of today and yesterday! You deserve better than this!